We have changed “Services” to “Integration” in the HelloAlex accounts interface.  In this functionality, you will see more added direct integrations with other applications. We already have the Calendly Events added here which may be used by the Live Agents to schedule appointment from leads who wants to either schedule a call with the client or view property that they are interested in. In addition to that, we have already added the function of directly integrating your Follow Up Boss to HelloAlex. 


All you have to do is just copy your Follow Up Boss API and paste it in your HelloAlex account. Once, you have done this process, you won’t have a hard time integrating it. You’d be able to add anew lead and create a new conversation with them. This substitutes the process of zapping your Follow Up Boss to HelloAlex using Zapier. To know more about this new feature, just click here.


If you have any problems or challenges doing this process, please reach out to your concierge and set up an appointment with them by clicking here or just send us an email at concierges@helloalex.io.

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