This week’s update is all about what’s happening in the system. You’ve noticed that we have a lot of improvements on the campaign builder, postcards and templates. It’s a whole new system and you’re gonna see massive improvements happening on the way webchat widget and how the chatbots worked from multiple platforms.

We have been rapidly updating, for example on client’s request like the chatbot on the website widget pops up automatically when someone comes into the website and this is now happening.

Several new email parsing notifications had been implemented. We are improving a lot of conversation flows that are now happening. Remember, behind the scene, we have a team who reviews every single conversations and is optimizing conversations every 24 to 48 hours. We are constantly improving the conversation that our chatbot is having and this happens in the background. We’re taking all of this data and we’re improving the system. You will be noticing a lot of the conversation are going to change over the next 2 to 3 weeks because we got several hundred conversations that we’re loading in to improve the system.

There are also a lot of great partnership and some new programs that HelloAlex will be releasing. The big update is that we’re still improving our on-boarding process and we’re still working hard to make sure our system is the best system you find for lead engagement.

There are some text message update happening to the platform as well as the UI is starting to improve. We just improved the platform everyday. There are small and big things happening that we’re working on from the last month and two in completing the upgrades to our campaign builders and expanding our direct mail, thank you letters, envelope options and all these cool stuff. This massive stuff that’s happening in relation to the whole campaign builder and followup that we are improving for our list management system.

If you’re in Atlanta next week at the “Best Conference Ever”, you can hang out with our team and we’ll be setting up a different campaign for you and with you.

If you need any help, please reach out to your Concierge. We have great marketing campaigns and templates for now in our system that aren’t there last week. Reach out to them and let them help you implement this system in your business and remember that every single day something is going on in our platform and we’re trying our best to improve it to give you the best possible automated assistant that is available in the Real Estate industry.

There is gonna be some biggest expansions on the localization and internationally with HelloAlex. Few cool acquisitions that you might wanna keep an eye out for over the next update.

We want to congratulate you all because you are part of HelloAlex founder’s club. I can’t wait to see how you implement and leverage HelloAlex. Every week there is someone who’s implementing the campaign in the system and it’s even success — so qualifying more leads, engaging more system, and generating more commissions. That’s our whole goal of what HelloAlex is doing.

Have a wonderful day and see guys soon!

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