Benjamin Bressington, CEO of HelloAlex, had an amazing week in San Francisco. Here is a video he created for the Platform Update of July Week 3:

Here are the mentioned platform updates we have for you:

  • System should be a lot faster since we already have stabilize the system and double the size of the servers.
  • Small feature improvements to the public URL. You can brand them yourselves so the HelloAlex branding will be removed.
  • The major news is the botplan acquisition and several other mergers and acquisitions that will be announced over the next few weeks.
  • If you are looking for leads and want to generate more leads, HelloAlex may be able to give you data for your system.
  • Massive improvements to the campaign builders – postcards, campaigns and everything that goes with that.
  • Your HelloAlex has been listening to your feedback. There are a lot of email parse that has been activated for the lead notification.
  • The IVR which is the response system has been updated so you can use that to your Ringless Voice Mails.

We are looking forward for your feedback and support. Please reach out to your concierge team for your questions. Send them an email to or set up an appointment with them thru heir Calendly link at

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