Here is your Platform Update for the last week of August.


We have been listening to your feedback and we love hearing it. Tell us what your biggest frustration is, what your pains are, what you wish we were doing because we will take that data and process it. It means that you will see improvements in our system because we only want better systems for you. Just send your feedback to your concierge and watch us make those feedback improvements for you. Some changes may take time like 30-60 days and some would just take 24 hours to complete and go live.

Here are this week’s platform update:

  • Recruitment Campaigns – it’s already live nd we have multiple clients around the country implementing Recruiting Agent Campaign. We can give you access to data of the 1.4 M Real Estate Agent listed in the US. Just reach out to your Concierge to have access to it.
  • Ringless Voicemail – this requires our company to work over 6 different telephone companies and actually optimize and test systems. We have overhauled, removed the robotic voice and improved the back ends of this technology. Fully active in your account and have optimized all your files already. You can integrate that with the campaigns your are using. Automated IVR Phone system that’s applied to your RVM and that has been improved.
  • Campaign Logic – improved on how campaigns can be triggered and started.
  • Videos in campaign – you can use recorded videos thru MMS as well as using videos all throughout the campaign. You can record videos and audio files.
  • AI Engagement – team is working now on what to say, what not to say and making more dynamic messages. Improving response time , conversation flows and other more.
  • Calendly links – we are now working on how the chat bot can schedule conversation appointments for you. Please use Calendly since this is a requirement for this feature.

Team are now working on the onboarding and making the system easy for you to use. We have a lot of big updates thhat are happening and big updates in the works right now along with the conversation AI. We will be releasing the full Recruiting AI – you’d be able to have an Alex AI and have conversation that is specifically focused around recruiting agents which is also in the works right now.

Also, we will be releasing our next event’s schedule and share with you the events we’re attending.

We have Enterprise client starting to onboard, it’s the 7+ plan. Just reachout to your Concierge to know more about it.

Share with us how you wish things are, how things should be working and we’ll make thoose changes to you because you are part of the platform. That is our commitment to you to always be improving the system and giving you the best possible system. It is part of your HelloAlex subscription.

These are the new features that we have for this week. Reach out to your Concierge if you want any help and they’ll be more than happy to assist you, implement and execute any of these updates. Email them at or set up an appointment with them here.

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