These are some of the mentioned features from the video. Please watch the video for a more detailed information about the August Week 1 Platform Update.

  • API Version 1 – this is now live. You can now connect your system with the help of your developers. For more information click here.
  • Customer on-boarding with the concierge team – simplifying your account set up.
  • Providing you with different tools with in your account – this will be coming up soon.
  • Campaign builder – direct mail, letters, and releasing hundreds of postcard campaign.
  • Mortgage Plan Offering – soon
  • Pre-created Marketing Templates – for Coaching Organization, Mastermind Program, etc. – soon
  • Lock down Zip code – soon

We are constantly improving our Artificial Intelligence. Our business has increased 20% in the size of the last 2 weeks which is very significant. HelloAlex is only after 7% of Real Estate space and also expanding on Mortgage and Investor space. So, if you know anyone who is a Property Investor, Flipper, or a Wholesaler, tell them to reach out to us because there are a lot of coming on board which we’re gonna be sharing with you really soon.

We greatly appreciate your support. We’ve always wanted you to become the AWESOME AGENT that you wanted to be.

Please reach out to our concierge if you have any questions or assistance on the new features and that are also coming in soon. You can send an email at or set up an appointment with their Calendly link here.

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