Broadcast Vs Engagement Marketing

This is an important topic to me as I see so many great agents just wasting money. I am talking about throwing away real dollars that they will never get back. A lot of agents, want to market and are willing to invest money to do it. This is great. You have gotten past step #1. The importance of understanding and accepting you need to market and you need to set aside money every month and for each lead to do so.
So congratulations on completing step one. Now, this is the point where it all goes wrong. What do I mean, you have convinced yourself to market and you are going to spend money to do that. You are excited, your heart is racing, you are full of optimism of how this is going to be awesome.
Then all of a sudden, your joy turns to an overwhelming feeling of Holy Crap, where do I start and what do I do?
Yup…. Welcome to the world of marketing. There are SOOOOO many options out there; Like, Facebook, Emails, Texting, Ringless voicemails, TV, Radio, Billboards, Google, Flyers, Postcards, Newsletters, brochures, Letters…. The list goes on and on and on…
This is where most agents make a mistake and waste a lot of money.
When it comes to marking most agents think that doing something is enough. And they think of it in terms of broadcast marketing.
Broadcast Marketing – is a single (one time) engagement around a certain thing or event. Generally this type of marketing should be reserved for important announcements or reminders etc..
The problem is most agents use this style of marketing for EVERYTHING they do. They send out a single Ringless voicemail or a single post card trying to get people to an open house or connect with an expired listing lead and then they expect clients to just start pouring in.
This is the issue, we as humans don’t respond to this type of behavior. Let me break it down in a way that might make more sense.

A man sees a pretty girl and wants to ask her out. So he walks up to her and says Hi, I’m Dave, Will you marry me? She says yes and they ride horses off into the sunset while on the beach. They have a perfect marriage and were happy for the rest of their lives, never fought and never had to work on their marriage.

You are laughing right now because this doesn’t happen, but this is exactly what you do to your clients when you use Broadcast Marketing. You need to start thinking about your marketing as a relationship and not a one-night stand.

In real life you have to build a relationship with that person and after quite a few dates, lots of flowers, fights and comprise you start to create a life together. Then is when you can ask for their hand in marriage. But guess what, you have to continue the previously mentioned list to have a happy marriage. You don’t get to just say I do then give up and stop trying.

OK, this is starting to sound like a marriage counseling post, lets get back to marketing.

I tell you this story because most people have been in a relationship before and know it takes work to win them over and then it takes work to keep them.

In marketing there are two important terms. Frequency and Duration. Duration is a set period of time. Frequency is the amount of times something happens in that set time. Most agents have a duration of 1 day and a frequency of 1 touch and think that will work.

Well the truth is… It doesn’t. Understanding human behavior and how we engage, when it comes to marketing just to start capturing their attention you need to have a duration of 90 days and 20+ touches. Sometimes depending on their buying cycle and current situation this could actually be 6 months and 50+ touches. This is what we call engagement marketing.

Engagement Marketing

Is a series of multiple online and offline engagement points over a longer period of time and focused around a certain thing or event.

We like to call this dominating their mindshare. Have you ever heard a tv or radio ad so many times you start to say it. You can’t get their bad jingle out of your head. Guess what they are winning.

Most people make the mistake that marketing works when they want it to. On the contrary, marketing works when your client is ready and in the correct mindset. Therefore you want to engage them multiple times over a set period of time and not just once. The chances of you marketing to them only once and it be at the exact right time when they are ready and in the right mindset is kind of like winning the lottery.

So to better your odds, you need to dominate their mindshare. So when the time comes that they are actually ready to buy a new home or list theirs for sale on the market, you are the very first person they think of.

People learn in three different ways. Seeing, Hearing and doing. So when you set up a worthless e-mail drip campaign that no one opens and are upset when you don’t get listings from it, don’t be.. When is the last time you bought from an e-mail or a few bad e-mails in a row. That’s what I thought. You don’t do it so why in the world do you think your clients do?

If you remember I said, Engagement Marketing – Is a series of multiple online and offline engagement points. Real effective Engagement Marketing that provides the highest ROI consists of a series of online engagement touches like Facebook re-targeting, Google Ad’s, E-mails and a combination of offline engagement touches like post cards, text messages, Ringless Voicemails and newsletters sent at different points over the course of time.
So if you are an agent who is currently marketing and after reading this find yourself in the “broadcast” crowd I will give you and A for effort. But the last time I checked I did see a bonus on your commission check for trying. However if you are really ready to get more listings, sell more homes and get a better ROI on your marketing spend start to focus on long term engagement marketing strategies in your business.

We know this concept can feel overwhelming to some and you might not be sure exactly how to set one of these campaigns up. This is why inside of HelloAlex we have hundreds of pre-built and pre-loaded engagement marketing campaigns already in there to choose from. You just pick which leads you want to engage and select the appropriate campaign and we will handle the rest.

Engage your clients like never before and finally start to market smarter not harder. If you are a current client with questions just reach out to your concierge who will help you get set up with the right campaigns. If you are not using HelloAlex feel free to schedule a FREE no obligation demo with one of our staff to review how HelloAlex can help you become the agent you have always wanted to be!

“Keep Trying, Keep Failing, But Keep Moving Forward!”  – Dave Fulk | COO / Co-Founder

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