Exclusive Offer For Elm Street Clients ONLY

FREE Automated Chat Assistant

$99 per month VALUE

Why have an Automated Chat Assistant?

24/7 Artificial Intelligent based responses mean you don’t have to take the time to ‘set up’ like a regular chatbot. The responses are pre-built in and get better with every interaction across our whole platform with every conversation teaching your assistant to better help your prospects to become your clients.

Immediately responds to website questions so that way you can capture more users who may just have a simple question that may go to another website.
Simple and intuitive chat center allows you to see new chats as they are happening and take over the conversation yourself at anytime.
Attempts to Collect contact information from site users so that you can follow up with them later, add to your marketing broadcast lists, and more.
You only have seconds to respond to a website chat user before they are gone forever and our assistant provides 24/7 day a week coverage. 
Easy to install widget on your website. Simple code can be installed by a webmaster and we will even help get it set up on your website if you’d like!
Unlimited messages and interactions with website visitors with the AI chat widget on your website.

No more ‘missed’ opportunities on your invested web traffic.

Automatically set appointments for your prospects right on your website. Imagine the traffic already going to your website, interacting with your assistant trained at providing the help your prospects are looking for and driving them to provide their contact information or even better just scheduling an appointment to meet with you about buying or selling a house.
You spend money trying to get users onto your website, but then if you do not respond instantly you will lose that site visitor maybe forever. Unfortunately it is likely to be forever than not.
Since you are already spending money to drive traffic to your website that you want to capture as much information as you can
Consumers prefer low-impact communications earlier in the sales process. They don’t like the pressure of being ‘sold’ on the phone and prefer instant messaging on sites because it doesn’t require the exchange of personal contact information

So if this tool is so great and if it’s really ‘worth’ $99 a month, then why are you giving it to me FREE?

There are 2 reasons:


The first reason we are making this offer is because we believe in the mission and vision of Elm Street. We both want to work with real estate agents to positively impact your ability to give your clients a better home buying and selling experience.


The second reason is very simple, we believe that once you get a chance to work with our automated assistant helping you with website conversations you will want your assistant to automate the rest of your business.

Like helping you reply to texts, emails, and facebook messages as well. Then with our Engagement Marketing Campaigns we want to make it seem like you are everywhere. They will begin marketing to your leads both online and offline automatically depending on different stages of the conversation. This can include sending Ringless voicemails, text messages, postcards, newsletters, even Facebook retargeting ads and more.

So when it comes to HelloAlex, Not only will you have Alex the friendly assistant ready to help your clients 24/7, but now you are going be positioned as the agent to work with every time they turn around.

Curious to learn about all HelloAlex can do for your business, watch this short video about what HelloAlex is:

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