We are excited for this week’s update. There are a lot going on in the HelloAlex system. Here are some of the new updates:

  • We have the acquisition of botplan.io. We have just doubled up another company. Next week, we’ll be introducing the botplan and technologies and the botplan clients to HelloAlex.
  • Massive updates on campaign builder which is now closed to 2,000 Templates within the system over the next few days. We are just optimizing and resizing things before they go live into the system.
  • The IVR system or the Interactive Voice Response system is active in your campaigns. You can now launch a RVM/Text Message and you have 100% in control when that people call you back. This is a TCPA compliance since you need to allow people to opt out to your list.
  • There will be multiple templates and cool templates that are associated with the IVR Flow and you will have a fully interactive voice system which allows you to control where calls go or where flows go. you would be able to see new features about that the next few months.
  • This is the week of Emojis. You will see a lot of Emojis used within our chat bot.
  • You will soon see a lot more of what they call “leads speak” which is the short hand that people used with text messaging or Facebook messaging on how you actually abbreviate words. We’ve got closed to 3,000 new phrases loaded into our system so that the AI will know your short hand that you usually used in social media.
  • Property Page Builders – there have been a lot of updates in property page builders which is the landing pages of the sales page that created your properties. All the Send Message functionality is working. More to come soon!

Our team is working for you to take massive advantage of the system. We are dramatically overhauling the onboarding process on getting your account set up which has been challenging at times. There will be a person who’s dedicated and stream lining the onboarding process and take all of that burden back from you on the account setup, acct configuration and campaign running. You’d be able to see that implemented in the next 60-90 days. We’ll have it very easy as possible for you to get set up, operated, and working in getting your account fully effective as possible.

RVM/Text Message improvements are done to ensure that you are compliant with the opt out or opt in and the way the messages are stopped. We’ve created the improvement of STOP list and the removal list on the way the message are stopped.

Everyday, there are new phrases to remove people on segment leads and qualify leads.

Please reach out to your concierge if you want to know more about this cool new features. Set up and appointment to them here or send them an email to concierges@helloalex.io or you may also send a ticket thru Support.

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