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This is the new feature we’ve added in the system based on client’s feedback. This is for our clients who run Facebook Ads.

If you are using Facebook Ads to generate your leads. this video is for you. If you’re not using Facebook Ads, but you’re looking forward to using it in the future, you’re gonna get interested in this new feature.

We’re sharing this new feature to get the right solution to your need.

If you’re running a Facebook Ad and you want to start a Messenger conversation in Facebook which means you have the Facebook Messenger bot respond to your leads. You previously had to have another bot or another messenger bot or build something inside FB which is complicated and time-consuming.

check our old post why facebook chatbot is not enough for real estate agents

If you use the HelloAlex bot as it was, it may not have made sense. To put that in context, watch the video below:


Our goal is to help you deliver on the promise of your ads with automated conversations. Using directly with your Facebook Ads.

Our team will custom build Facebook Ad Messenger Bot conversations for you!

Campaign templates

We are building Campaign Templates for specific Ad Type. Right now, we are already adding about 10 ad types that we are working on and this is one of them.

In the Messenger bot, you will have this exact ad. You can show people things for homes. Chatbot will automatically show them that and qualifying them. Then the Chatbot in HelloAlex makes sense with the ad and that’s what we’re trying to do. Future versions will work with sign up forms or lead forms.

In messenger, we’re gonna give you a specific URL to actually put in the Bot Payload for the quick replies. You can actually configure them right there.

You also have some copy and paste text that you can paste into the text greeting. As soon as they start a conversation from your ad, it goes directly into HelloAlex and HelloAlex AI is gonna pick up which means the Live Chat operators will be able to step in and claim conversations automatically and the bot would be able to configure it and everything will be in context.

We’re are also setting it up so that any properties inside your HelloAlex properties area can be used to set up these parameters and that’s one of the reasons why it’s important for you to put them inside the properties area or more importantly have your concierge do that for you.

If you’re looking to use Facebook Messenger Bots specifically with your ad, you’re going to be able to do this very soon like towards the end of this week. We are already having this pre-setup and pre-configured for you based on some of the ad templates styles that clients have told us that we’ll be using.

If you are doing something special or something specific, we’re more than happy to build a custom Bot flow for you and make sure the context on that works.

There’s nothing worse in the user’s experience than the context of the Bot conversation not working and not delivering on the promise of your ad. That one of the biggest reasons why FB Ad fails because of it promises something else and there’s an experience breakdown.

We’re trying to make sure that from the user’s perspective, this entire thing is seamless and very effective for you and that’s what we’re working on.

This is gonna be very exciting for Facebook messenger bot users because its gonna let you have HelloAlex directly connected with your Facebook Messenger Ads.

We can’t wait to release this feature to everybody. This is still in the development mode for a few clients that we’re testing and optimizing their experience with us. If you wanna be those people, reach out to your concierge and if you’ve seen this video and t’s beyond September 26, it’s more likely this is now available and active in your account and you’d be able to use it!

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