That’s right having a Facebook Messenger chatbot is not enough to help you convert more leads.


Because your leads communicate with you via multiple channels. This is what I call 3 Dimensional Conversations. Conversations with your leads happen on multiple channels like Facebook messenger, twitter, email, text messages, voicemail, phone calls, online videos, Instagram, Skype, LinkedIn, Telegram and direct mail just to name a few. Let me put this in context for you.

helloAlex Real Estate Facebook Messenger ChatBot

helloAlex Real Estate Facebook Messenger ChatBot

Only using Facebook Messenger is like saying you will only sell 1 bedroom studio apartments in converted bank buildings. This means there are thousands of others sales that can be made. However, you are leaving that money on the table.

If you only use Facebook Messenger, you are leaving money on the table. If you are not using Facebook Messenger that is an entirely other problem.

Yes, if you generate leads on Facebook it is a perfect starting point to start conversations with that lead. And because you generated that lead on Facebook you should be continuing the conversation with them on Facebook using Messenger.

However, at some point, you need to pick up the telephone and have a real conversation. At some point, you need to email, text them or send them a direct mail piece.

The problem with only using Facebook Messenger is that it requires no commitment from the lead.

That lead can be speaking with 1 other or 10 other real estate agents all on Facebook messenger. Just using Facebook Messenger as a communication channel allows you to hide. But it will not be enough for a person to take action.

Yes, using messenger allows you to qualify and educate the lead on the property and why you.

But at some point, you need to do something to stand out from all the other noise on social media.

At some point, you need to take the next step with your conversation. That’s why at helloAlex our platform sync’s conversations in real time on Facebook Messenger, Your Website Chat (Live or Bot), Text Message, Ringless Voicemails, Email, and integrates with multiple direct mail solutions. Plus we have the voice layer of inbound or out bound call options.


Because buying a property is a series of conversations, over a time. This can be fast or slow based on the leads buying or selling motivation.

Facebook Messenger alone, does not allow you to track the conversations you had via text message or email with this lead.

Facebook Messenger is how you start a conversation and continue conversations. But it is not how the transaction will be concluded.

Communicating with your leads happens in 3D. On multiple channels (platforms, systems, social networks.) This is important to understand and leverage in your business.

3d Real Estate Lead Marketing

3d Real Estate Lead Marketing

As a Real Estate Agent, the question is how do you stand out from all the other Real Estate Agents?

It is much more impressive to have a conversation with a lead on Facebook Messenger and three days later have a postcard or letter show up in that leads hands from you.

Or starting a conversation with a lead on Facebook Messenger and then having a Ringless Voicemail hit the lead voicemail letting them know you are available to answer their questions 24/7.

One of the most important marketing strategies you need to leverage when communicating with your Real Estate leads is speed.

  • Speed allows buyers to communicate with you faster, on multiple channels.
  • Speed to getting information on a property.
  • Speed to scheduling a viewing on a property.
  • Speed to get access to new properties before anyone else.
  • Speed in response.

Facebook Messenger is a fantastic channel to use when generating leads and engaging leads in conversations. However, it is not the only channel. It’s like thinking you can drive a car with 2 flat tires.

Don’t make this mistake.

I see many real estate agents using Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lead ads to start conversations. However, they do not add the leads from Facebook Messenger to their CRM to continued follow-up and engagement.

How can helloAlex help you have better conversations using the power of Ai automation?

helloAlex helps you by syncing your conversation streams into one channel.

Imagine if when you looked up a lead, you could see the text messages, emails, twitter messages, website chat inquiries and Facebook messengers all in one place.

Imagine if you can instantly determine the buyer or sellers intent based on the full understanding of the conversations you have had with your lead.

But that is not all. helloAlex automates this engagement of your leads with relentless follow-up. The average sales person gives up after one or maybe two attempts to contact a lead.

However, helloAlex can continue to contact every single lead, on multiple channels until your leads convert. Imagine the impact of this fact alone on your real estate business. Imagine if every lead you received was followed up within at least once every 14 days until they took action to buy or sell. Do you think you would close more deals?

helloAlex makes it simple for you to start conversations with your leads. Our team can even make your outbound telephone calls to follow up with and engage your leads for you. This allows you to focus on what’s most important in your business. Closing deals.

If you want to know more about helloAlex visit or schedule a time to have a helloAlex demo.

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