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Facebook Client Matching Permissions Approval from Facebook.

One of the powerful features of HelloAlex is the ability to automatically match your leads and clients to Facebook.

This allows you to do several enhanced marketing strategies. However requires you to request a permissions upgrade on your Facebook account and pay a one-time fee of $99 directly to Facebook for this permission.

The benefits of doing this allows HelloAlex to automate your connections on Facebook, Extract meta data from your clients Facebook profiles, and send messages directly to your lead and clients using Facebook messenger.

This post is going to walk you through the steps of activating these permissions. You only need to complete this one time, and then you will be able to take advantage of all of the HelloAlex + Facebook Enhanced Marketing Strategies.

Step 1: Request Access from Facebook
Step 2: Pay Facebook $99
Step 3: Connect Your Facebook Account to HelloAlex.

Here is the outline of steps you need to take:

1. Login into your HelloAlex account and connect your HelloAlex account to Facebook. 

  • Click on Lead Center
  • Click on Lead Sources
  • Click on Sources
  • Click on Facebook Messenger
  • Click to Connect to your Facebook Account
  • Select your Facebook FanPage you want to connect HelloAlex.  Then you can go add the permissions upgrade to your Facebook account in settings. See the next steps below. 

Adding the Permissions on Facebook 

1. Go to your Facebook Page that you want to connect to HelloAlex.
2. Click on settings of that page in the top right of the page.

3. Then Select Messenger Platform option on Left Menu.

4. Then scroll down the page and check or click the “Customer matching” checkbox

5. Now click on make payment button. This is shown in the image 

6. And now, select your Payment method, fill all required details and pay the payment

7. You will get this after complete all the process successfully

8. This means the process is finished and completed. Now you can connect your Facebook account inside HelloAlex. 

IF your facebook account does not have the “Messenger Options”

This means there is an issue with your Facebook account and you need to submit a support ticket. 


• Start by going to your page and pull down the tab as shown and click “Report Problem”.
• Then click “Something Isn’t Working”.
• Choose “Pages” from the drop down.
• Give a very detailed explanation of what the issue is, what you’ve done yourself to resolve it and attach any screenshots that you can to prove there is something broken.

Facebook Client Matching: 

Facebook allows you to connect your existing customers to your bot using their phone number.
Using this feature you can send a messenger request to the customers using their phone number which is mapped to their Facebook account. Once the customer accepts the messenger request HelloAlex receives an event using which you can trigger the user  messages.

How to access Client Facebook Matching This feature requires you to pay a $99 USD fee to the Facebook and also apply for pages_messaging_phone_number permission when submitting your bot for approval. For more details on getting access to this feature please go through this documentation from Facebook..


If you choose not to activate this permission update you will not be able to use any of the Facebook Messenger options. This may also limit the amount of data we can extract for your leads/clients from Facebook.

By doing this you are able to truly maximize all of the HelloAlex enhanced marketing features.

This permission only works for clients in the USA. This is because it is connected to the telephone lookup and matching of Cell phone numbers and is available in the USA. At this point in time.

If you have questions please connect with our support team at support@helloalex.io


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Wait!  Before you go

Schedule a FREE Strategy Session so you can make more money but work fewer hours!

For more details click on the below link.

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