Quick update on the Facebook Messenger App updates.

If you have been following the news Facebook book is overhauling a lot of their business channels. This is good and bad news. The Facebook connection is not just a HelloAlex issue but a GLOBAL issue. 

See News update here: https://messenger.fb.com/newsroom/app-review-reopening-for-games-limited-pages/

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07HHYJXgUOQ&vol=50&width=1080&height=810[/embedyt]

What this means for you as a business owner is that you need to be aware what and how your data is used. This is where HelloAlex is helping you.

Facebook has just announced they are re-opening the app approval process! *Yes part of what HelloAlex does for you is Manage your data relationships with parties like Facebook. We do this for you in the background.*

This means that our App that has been stuck in the review process since 3/15/2018 should be approved soon you will benefit from all the new Facebook updates and restore your ability to connect your HelloAlex Account to your Facebook account.

Yes, this means your Facebook messenger bot will be working again as soon as the app is approved.

Yes, this means the client matching will be approved and working as soon as the app is approved. When you connect your account to Facebook, you will be able to purchase that Client Matching data upgrade, if you have not already.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t become dependent on one channel.

One of the things that this outage has made HelloAlex realize is that we don’t want our clients to be dependent on want channel. If your entire business is built on one communication channel, this will limit your business.

Change happens. And you can only control what you control. This means you can not rely on just one channel of communication with your leads.

This is why we promote the features of email, SMS, Ringless Voicemail, Letters, Web-Chat, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, and others.

HelloAlex is already working on the ability for your to stabilize all of your communication channels and allow for communication which you have full control over. This allows you to have options when change happens. Because it will and frequently does. You will soon see updates to our communication channels gives you full power to talk to anyone, anywhere and any channel. This will give you control and create new opportunities for you in your business.

Hope this update helps. We will update you further when the App is approved by Facebook. We will also continue to update the apps over the next few weeks to provide you with the most up to date system possible.

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