Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a contract?

We don’t feel you should have to pay for an ineffective service so for this reason we don’t believe in contracts. That’s why we work month to month. There is a discount if you purchase a year in advance, but you can cancel at any time.

If I don’t use the system, can I get a refund?

When it comes to a refund think of us as you would a cell phone provider or a gym membership. You are paying for the opportunity to use the platform. Your payment is not based on your actual usage of the system. There are also never refunds for unused EMS credits in the system at the time that you cancel. They will remain in your account and available anytime you want to reactivate your your account. 

Now that being said WE HATE when client don’t use the system to the fullest. HelloAlex is one of the most powerful tools for agents in the real estate industry. We are confident if you are using the system you will not be wanting to cancel This is also why we provide you our concierge service as part of you base monthly rate.

Is there support? /What is the concierge service?

We understand the challenges you deal with each day as an agent each day. Using HelloAlex should not be one of them. For this reason not only have we tried to make the system very user friendly and created a system wiki that includes answers to most all of your questions. But we also have staff on standby called concierges, to help you with anything from setting up the system, building out engagement campaigns, writing your newsletters and so much more. We like to think of it as we give you an assistant for your assistant 😊

Can i use Paypal/Amex/Bitcoin?

Yes, we accept all major forms of payment, and that includes VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Bitcoin, Paypal, and ACH

Can I change plans?
Yes, you can change plans at any time. This means you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want. The power is in your hands.
I’m A Broker, is there a discount if I sign up my whole office?

Yes, we have enterprise level accounts and pricing in place for larger teams.  Happy to work with you, just contact us to discuss further.

Can I sign up and get started now?

Yup, just click here – >

Does HelloAlex connect with my current systems?

Yes! We built HelloAlex to play well with others. Not only do we already have a Zapier integration done which allows up to talk with over 1,000+ systems already. We have also built an open API. So if the systems you are using have Zapier or an open API we can connect.

If we are not able to connect to your current CRM or systems it will not be because we cant do it, This is mostly always because your current systems don’t play well with others.

We make it simple for you to connect any of your systems with ours. If you ever have any questions or need help just look inside the wiki or contact your concierge.

What are HelloAlex Campaigns?

At HelloAlex we are marketing and human behavior specialist and we believe in Engagement Marketing. (You can read more about there here -> )

Real effective Engagement Marketing is a series of multiple online and offline engagement points over a longer period of time and focused around a certain thing or event.

This provides the highest ROI consists of a series of online engagement touches like Facebook re-targeting, Google Ad’s, E-mails and a combination of offline engagement touches like post cards, text messages, Ringless Voicemails and newsletters sent at different points over the course of time.

HelloAlex uses what we call “Campaigns” as the sequence of events and triggers that are used to engage a lead. This campaigns can be short like one day, or be 18 months long.

Campaigns are activated based on your lead status or client status. Yes, that means you can run campaigns for leads and clients (post closing). This also means that you can layer campaigns to run. For example the generic birthday campaign for leads which may not include a postcard. And the generic birthday for clients which includes a birthday postcard.

We know this concept can feel overwhelming to some and you might not be sure exactly how to set one of these campaigns up. This is why inside of HelloAlex we have hundreds of pre-built and pre-loaded engagement marketing campaigns already in there to choose from. You just pick which leads you want to engage and select the appropriate campaign and we will handle the rest.

Can I customize campaigns?

Yes, you have full control over your campaigns. This means you can customize the default campaigns we provide for you to make them work for you. Based on your needs. You can also share these campaigns with the rest of your team.

This ensures all your team member can use the same campaign you have created. We are working with different companies to provide branded campaigns they can give to all their brokers, agents, or teams using your preferred communication styles.

Also don’t forget your concierge can help you get these created too.

Can HelloAlex work with my Team/Brokerage?

Yes, HelloAlex can work with your brokerage and team. We can customize and follow-up marketing campaigns to your specific and then provide each of your team members with that exact system. You can share credits amongst your team, and you can also share leads to your team. This allows you to control telephone call routing and logic and much more.

I work with a coach, can I use their methods in my HelloAlex account.

Yes, we already work with some of the top coaches across the country. We have some specific engagement campaigns that were built out by the help of these professionals and are only available to their clients. Reach out to your coach and find out if they have already worked with us to build out exclusive campaigns. If they haven’t tell them to get on the ball LOL. Just connect your coach with our team and we will we can get it done!

Is HelloAlex a CRM?

No, we do not sell HelloALex as a CRM. We have CRM like functionality. We integrate with over 1,000 systems. HelloAlex stores conversational data associated to your leads, clients and properties. There are some clients who are using HelloAlex as their CRM.

Does HelloAlex provide me with leads?

Yes and No. HelloAlex is what we like to think of is a Lead engagement and nurturing system.

We work your existing leads and your new leads. As soon as you generate leads either online or offline, that is where HelloAlex starts the conversation.

However, some of our amazing Engagement Marketing features like our GEO Farming feature and Property Listing Feature will help you generate new leads. For ideas and strategy on how to use our EMS to generate new leads just contact your concierge.

What does HelloAlex cost?

Using HelloAlex costs $299/month per account plus the credits that you use. This allows you to pay for the only the enhanced marketing services that you use. For more information on this review

Credits do not expire while you have an active account. You can purchase credits and share them with your team.

HelloAlex Syncs Conversations?

HelloAlex sync’s conversations in Realtime across multiple channels. This means that HelloAlex can start conversations with your leads on Facebook Messenger, Text Message, Email, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, and Webchat all at the same time.

This means if your lead is talking to us on your Website they will be able to continue the conversation on Facebook or via Text Message. We can identify your leads and sync their conversations into one lead record. This prevents duplicate leads or bad partial data.

We like to think of this as being omni channel. We allow your clients to engage in real time whenever and wherever they chose 24/7.

How do I access my demo?

Simple, click on one of the “Schedule a Demo” buttons all over the site or just go here ->

Is Training Included?

Yes, yes and yes. Our founders have a belief of “If it isn’t broke…. Make it better!” So HelloAlex will never settle for being mediocre. This is why we have already teamed up with top Agents and Coaches in the real estate industry to bring you high quality trainings, best practices and pro tips to help you grow your business.

We also have system training as well. We have tutorials and walkthroughs on how to use each feature.

Active users of the account will have access to this training with the Wiki inside HelloAlex.

Will you travel to my office and help me?

We have devolved the systems and tools to help you set up your account without needed to do it with you in person.

HoweverIf you are activating 5 or more accounts and/or preloading $10,000 or more in engagement marketing credits, at no cost you, someone from our Executive team will travel to you for a LIVE 1 Day strategy session with you and your team in person. Our team will work with you prior to setup your accounts. Then in the training sessions we will personalize campaigns and show you how to maximize your HelloAlex accounts.

What is the #AwesomeAgent I keep seeing.

This is an initiative to help you become the agent you have always wanted to be. With our March to Awesome, we are creating and building everything you need to do to hit the $1,000,000+ in CGI benchmark.

This will include exclusive trainings from top coaches across the nation. Local workshops in your area. Mastermind events. Coaching, The Awesome Agent Playbook Tips, Advise & Hacks from Top Producers. The March to Awesome roadmap which will tell you the exact steps to be taking, systems to be using and benchmarks to be hitting all along the way to your $1,000,000.

No software to install!

Works on Every Device…


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