No software to install!

Works on Every Device…


One Lead Multiple Channels

Sync your leads from multiple sources into One Conversation Stream…

HelloAlex works 24/7 with response times less than 30 seconds from Real Humans!


HelloAlex uses a true self-learning AI with complete Real Human integrations to deliver the highest quality conversations to your clients via text chat or voice inbound or outbound conversations.


HelloAlex can receive your calls 24 hours a day, 7 a day within 3 rings. Allowing you to offer your leads and clients the highest standard of customer service, on autopilot. Our team can process your inbound and outbound phone calls and sync this data instantly into the HelloAlex platform. This keeps your team up-to-date in real time to the status of every lead and every conversation.

HelloAlex qualifies your leads by starting a conversation within 2 minutes.

Capture leads on multiple channels 

    Your Website

    Text Message

       Text Message

       Text Message

Integrates with your EXISTING systems with NO CHANGE required!


HelloAlex works for you 24 hours a day!

HelloAlex Marketing Services

Automated Customer
Nurturing Campaigns


HelloAlex has pre-built lead nurturing campaigns that are designed to engage your leads in conversations. Every conversation HelloAlex has with your leads allows you to qualify your leads on autopilot.

Human Chat 24/7


The HelloAlex Human chat is an add-on layer of interaction you can add to our standard AI Assistant. This means a HelloAlex Human chat agent can interact with each of your leads and clients conversations. This ensures that every conversation delivers high-value information. A live human agent is available 24/7 within 2 minutes of starting a chat conversation. Our team can receive and respond to any text message you receive using the helloAlex platform. 

 Human Outbound Voice


Do you hate cold calling your leads? Let our team process all of your outbound call requirements. Using our custom phone scripts of yours. Our team will call and engage your leads and can even live transfer any qualified leads instantly.

 On Demand Direct Mail


Direct mail is extremely powerful for lead generation and lead nurturing. That is why our on demand postcard program allows you to print one postcard at a time and mail it to your leads. We have pre-designed lead templates ready for you to implement into your marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

List Cleaning


Is your list data current and up-to-date? Do you have the latest contact information for your list? Let the HelloAlex system automatically update and validate your list data within seconds. Import your list and HelloAlex will update details that have changed

 Automated Birthday Wishes


Staying top of mind with your leads allows you to close more deals. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending personalized birthday messages or birthday postcards to your leads and clients. The helloAlex system will automatically extract your leads date of birth using our Social Profile and then automate sending a personalized birthday message via Facebook, Text message and or postcard.

Integrates with over 1000+ Systems


HelloAlex understands that over time systems change. That’s why we make it simple to integrate with over 1000 different types of marketing systems, CRM’s, Software solutions. This allows you to easily get your data in or out of the helloAlex platform.

 Personalized Chat Scripts


Our goal is to create meaningful conversations. We do this by allowing you to personalize the AI, Chat and Voice phone scripts that are used within the HelloAlex platform.

Connection to Your MLS & IDX


HelloAlex integrates with your MLS or IDX data which instantly allows us to personalize our AI chatbot conversations to your properties. Our system will analyze your property listings and extract additional data using over 1,500 data variables to be able to answer detailed questions about any listing you have.

Ringless Voicemails


Deliver messages directly to your leads and clients voicemails with our proprietary ringless voicemail technology. Any cell phone number you have can instantly receive a ringless voicemail message. We have integrated the delivery of messages into your drip lead nurture campaigns.

Inbound / Outbound Call Service


Does your phone ring 24 hours a day? Let our team answer your calls and instantly qualify each of your leads while entering them into the right lead nurturing campaign. Watch in real-time the conversations our agents have with your leads. Only pay for the minutes used, and no longer deal with the headache of needing to have someone available to answer the phone 7 days a week.

Human Voice – Telephone Answering


Let our trained and qualified HelloAlex agents answer your inbound telephone calls 24 hours a day. Think of our team as your ultimate message service. Our team will qualify your leads, enter their data into the HelloAlex lead platform, update the conversation notes which instantly sync’s with your CRM of choice. Providing your leads with a higher level of service 24 hours a day.

List Social Profile


Turn your list of leads and clients into smart segmentation data by leveraging the power of the HelloAlex AI. Our system will analyze our list and match it against over 3,500 variables to build a social profile for each one of your leads. All we need to know is a Name, Email or Cell phone and our system and extract meaningful data to help your personalize your marketing messages.

Automated Mini Home Valuations


When you are dealing with Sellers one of the biggest questions, you will receive is “What is my home worth?” The HelloAlex system has an automated Mini Home Valuation Report marketing campaign you can implement to instantly engage these seller leads. By providing current information about the property, you will be able to qualify your seller leads faster.

Personalized Facebook
Retargeting Campaigns


Advertising on Facebook is an important strategy for generating leads. Our Proprietary Facebook Retargeting engine will automatically setup custom audiences for each of your lead types. This will allow you to instantly build authority and credibility with your leads. When you have a successful Facebook Retargeting campaign your clients will think you are famous.

Personalized Printed


Advertising on Facebook is an important strategy for generating leads. Our Proprietary Facebook Retargeting engine will automatically setup custom audiences for each of your lead types. This will allow you to instantly build authority and credibility with your leads. When you have a successful Facebook Retargeting campaign your clients will think you are famous.

Local Area Direct Mail



Use HelloAlex to create direct mail campaigns. Use our lists, or use your own. The HelloAlex system integrates with USPS EveryDoor Direct Mail which allows you to select any area and instantly print and ship postcards, letters and marketing campaign to any lead area. Our team can help you design a direct mail campaign that gets attention. Fully integrated into the full HelloAlex platform features.

Works on Multiple Platforms 24/7

Why helloAlex is not your

normal chatbot?

Most chatbot on the market today only work with one platform channel. For example, only work on Facebook, or Text Messages, or your Website live chat.

What makes helloAlex unique is that our platform works on ALL platform channels and sync’s the conversations to build one lead profile. This means you can start engaging a lead via text message and then continue the conversation on Facebook, then continue the conversation on your website or twitter. Our system will sync all of these different conversations into one continuous conversation stream.

HelloAlex platform allows you to personalize your account to meet your needs and scales with you as your needs change. All of the HelloAlex add-ons can be personalized to your business on demand. Ensuring you only pay for what you need when you need it. Saving you thousands of dollars, all while helping you convert more leads into commissions.

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