Today is August 24th, Friday of HelloAlex Weekly Update. Get updated with their trip from Atlanta and check on the video posted above.


As for the new update this week, here are the new features you can check out:

  • Pop up on your website widget – you can set a timer, you can set set it off, or a default timer of 20 seconds
  • Direct Mail – you can choose a color of your envelopes – white, green, pink, and yellow that you can select from
  • AI Conversations – it is now loaded with a ton of updated conversations in AI and so much data. There are a lot of different new response and they are learning new ways on how to respond
  • Email Parsing – now we have over 25 different lead sources to start a conversation. When the email comes in, we can now send a text message based on the email parsed that comes in.
  • User Interface Navigation Help – you can now check how each one function or work in HelloAlex system. Just hover your mouse to the small question mark and you’d be able to see the description as help when you navigate in HelloAlex.
  • Property Page – when you post the URL in Facebook they’ll automatically pull the pictures, title and description on image.
  • Labor Day Campaign – we have created a template for this holiday and touchpoints are RVM, letter and postcard.


Please reach out to your Concierge to activate campaigns especially this coming Labor Day. Engaged with your current and previous leads to stay in touch. Talk to your Concierge about this new features mentioned on this update. You can connect with your Concierge thru their email address at or set up an appointment to walk you through the process by clicking here.


We appreciate all your feedback and we always listen and prove better everyday. Thank you for being such a valued clients!

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