HelloAlex has just turned 1! Yes, we’re already a 1-year-old company.

Every day, we received feedback and suggestions. We do appreciate everything you gave us. We are processing all of this and we’ll be keeping you in the loop on the updates of the feedback and suggestions you have given us.

We’re running referral promotion for October. You can get 10,000 credits for every referral you send to HelloAlex and signs up for the month of October. Just tell your Concierge or Sales Team member of someone you’re referring to HelloAlex and when that person signs up, we will put 10,000 credits into your account.

We have 500 updates done in HelloAlex and these are just some of the major ones that we have:

  • Facebook Lead Ads – check on this link here
  • Mission 1: Battling with the bots – how they communicate, how they respond, etc. We’re improving to making it better
  • Mission 2: Mission Local Maxima – all about improving the system – dashboard, polishing and making sure all the little things work and no more little roadblocks anymore.
  • Campaign Builder – starting to transform and evolve.
  • Client onboarding and customer support – working on to improve what’s in the system especially on what’s working with you or not working with you in our system to help you achieve your goals.

Expect Concierge and Customer Support team will get in contact with you more at the moment.

We have clients who are achieving massive wins and other clients who are struggling to get started. We want our clients to get as many wins as possible every single week. We’re committed to helping you succeed.

October is a very big month for HelloAlex, We have rolled out several Enterprise Account. We are also continuing partnerships with Broker Agents. If you know Broker Agents that want us to come to speak at their Brokerage, please reach out to our concierge or let the Sales Team know and we can settle a schedule out thru webinar or live training and we greatly appreciate that.

If you also noticed that we’ve started to release our awesome Agent case studies. These are the agents who are creating successful wins within HelloAlex. We’re documenting all that and we’ve been settling up the systems to show you exactly what other agents are doing and how you can implement the exact same thing. Your concierge can implement that exact same thing into your account. Check out some of those awesome agents case studies that we’re releasing and rolling up and October is going to have a lot more of that.

All those campaigns that are part of an awesome agent case study from recruiting to lead qualification to different vendors, these are the campaign that the concierge can implement into your campaigns instantly (More details on the video above).

Remember that our GOAL is your goal. We’d like to thank all the people who have pushed the limits of our system. We are very much thankful for you to have shown us the opportunities for improvement and that we’re committed to improving and making the platform as stable and as powerful as possible. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your continued support.

See you then on next week’s update!

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