It feels like it has been a long time since an update! This I have to resolve. There is so much going on right now, and I wanted to take a minute to share with you what’s going on.

As part of the Founders 1000, you get Access to the HelloAlex team. That means we are working with you to create the ideal and best possible AI solution for your business. For some of you this means we have been in your office and designing systems with you.

For everyone else, it means we listen to your feedback and improve what Alex is doing to better serve your needs. Regardless any and every HelloAlex client benefits from these efforts.

That’s why I want to update you as to what is happening in the background.

HelloAlex is in Demand!

The demand for HelloAlex has been amazing. There have been a few things that have surprised us. Like the demand from teams, vendor partners and brokerages.

This means we have had to embrace new business models and learn how best to setup a systems to onboard 100’s of clients at a time. This is good and bad news

We know we can improve our communication and how you get activated inside HelloAlex. That’s why over the next 45 days we have committed to streamlining this entire process and onboard more Team members to help you.

What does that mean for you?

  • Right now the HelloAlex team are working extremely hard to improve the on boarding process. This means from the time you say yes to the point you engage your first leads on HelloAlex.

  • We are creating training inside the HelloAlex wiki, and scaling our internal processes to provide you with better support.

You want better support and training!

  • The joys of a startup are that there is a lot you learn on the battlefield. We are paying attention and are actively working on ways that we can improve our customer support. This has resulted in HelloAlex hiring new Concierges and Account Managers to help you leverage the power of Alex. You will sell the results of these campaigns in may.

Better Letters + Newsletter solutions

  • We know that direct mail is an important part of your business. That’s why we knew we had to improve our direct mail solution. Right now there is a major initiative in place to overhaul our direct mail letter and newsletter offering.

  • The Letter system will allow for various print and handwritten letter and envelope options.

  • Oh, that’s right we are releasing our Newsletter builder in May to all HelloAlex clients. This will allow you to create 2-page or 4-page print newsletters and automatically create online versions as well.
  • We have built a powerful newsletter creator that allows you to create over 30,000 different newsletter layouts. But we know that was not enough. That’s why we are offering you a Newsletter Concierge. One 20 minute phone call and our team will create your newsletter for you each month! – P.s you can create various newsletters, for example, a Sellers, Buyers, New Construction, etc. etc. to allow you to market exactly how you want to market. – You can print and mail your newsletters all inside HelloAlex.

Better Education for Success More to come soon!

We have heard your requests for better training about business strategies and what to do to win!

That’s why we have been designing and securing deals with some of the leading Real Estate coaches in the country. You will get access to their content and training every week. Included with your HelloAlex account.

  • You will also soon witness the release of “That’s Me Marketing”. This our proprietary training methodology that is guaranteed to increase your profits. The team is actively creating this content, and you can join training online or live very soon.

    • Live stream overhaul. Right now as we expand the team, there is live stream content and training overhaul. This means you will be able to access more content online from your mobile device.

Mastermind Mind & Coaching Included!

Ohh that’s right… we want you to be the superhero!

That’s why we are working on our HelloAlex coaching and mastermind team. You will have access to a team of successful coaches who can help you overcome any challenge in your business.

As a Foundation 1000 member, you get to attend any of the HelloAlex Mastermind events included with your active account.

Let’s talk Campaigns.

We have been listening and working to give you the best marketing campaigns to engage your leads and clients in conversation.

  • We are working with some of the best Agents right now to convert their campaigns into templates you can implement.

  • This means we are working with coaches and high performing producers to create campaign templates.

  • There are 110 new Letter templates being loaded by the end of March.

  • There are over 100 new postcard templates being loaded by the end of March.

What’s the Deal with Facebook?

As you may have heard Facebook has been getting some heat lately over data. So how does that impact you?

Well while Facebook updates their system, they are not approving any new chatbots or applications. That means you might not be able to connect your HelloAlex application to Facebook at the moment.

Our team has already submitted a new version of our Application to Facebook and our application is compliant. As soon as Facebook opens the approval process again our app will be approved. This will allow you to connect your Alex bots to Facebook. Until then you are limited on the connection between HelloAlex and Facebook.

  • But we have not let this stop us. We have made major updates to our Facebook chatbots and improved the AI over the last 60 days. As well as expanded the Facebook app to allow for new permissions. So you should reconnect your Facebook App to get the latest version.

New Webchat Widget.

You will notice a new web chat widget application. We rebuilt the web widget application from the ground up!


We wanted it to be faster and work on any and every device. We achieved this goal as it is now 10 times faster and works on all devices.

But that’s not all. Our Web Widget now has better tracking and gives you MORE POWER! From tracking to starting different conversations based on the landing page, website or device your clients are on.

You will see the web widget soon become integrated with the dialer to allow your leads to call you instantly via the chat widget on your website! But this part is a few months away.

A.I. Improvements.

  • The team has been improving the AI and how Alex works. There are some MAJOR updates getting released over the next 90 days. Every day Alex is getting smarter.

Create Your Own Conversation Flows

  • This has been a major request from some clients. Real Estate is a big marketplace, and one conversation does not fit all!

  • That’s why inside our May update you will see this screen appear in your builder! This allows you to create your own specific conversations built right into our AI core. HelloAlex = Chatbot platform with pre-built Artificial Intelligence!

Rename Alex

While we love Alex and we think He/She is Awesome….Some agents have wanted to rename Alex. Although we don’t think HelloBob has the dame ring to it we wanted to make this happen for you. In order to make this happen, we needed to restructure some of our AI. This is now going to be an upgrade feature in May.

Integrations with ReboGateway + Title Toolbox

We know providing you with the best possible data gives you a competitive advantage. That’s why in the May update you will see our partnership with Rebogateway. This gives you more life event data that allows you to start conversations with more people.

These updates will be applied to the Geo-Farming feature as well.

Some credits are getting cheaper!

Updates to the credit system for our Enhanced Marketing Services. You will see that some of the credits have got cheaper!

As HelloAlex grows and usage increases with our data, we get better rates. This means we pass those savings onto you!

This allows you to get more done for less!


There are several other initiatives our team is working on, but I need to save that update for the end of the month.

We are working on solutions to give any agent that uses HelloAlex a MASSIVE competitive advantage. We want to help you dominate your marketplace. This means we need to provide you with some of the best resources in the world.

I am happy to say we are making that a reality.

HelloAlex Whitelabel.

There have been several Lead Partners, Brokerages and companies approach us wanting to white-label HelloAlex.

Before this it was not an option. However, now our team have made changes to the platform to enable this option.

What You’ll See In Future Updates

  • Start Conversations Via Beacons

  • Ask Any House a Question (That’s right!)

  • HelloAlex + Alexa = Hey YEAH!

  • Awesome Agent Local Events!

  • Awesome Agent Insider Monthly Newsletter

  • Real Estate Blockchain!

  • New WORLD FIRST features!

  • CiaoAlex…. that’s right HelloAlex goes SPANISH!

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