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Part of the magic of the HelloAlex system is our Social Profile™.

Our HelloAlex Social Profile™ includes validating your leads contact information, creating a social profile along with scoring the lead based on 150 factors as part of our AI.

What does this mean to you?

  • You speak to more qualified leads.
  • You can validate the contact information of all of your leads.
  • Your leads and clients are ranked based on their recent conversations, recent actions.
  • You can re-capture leads you may have lost, or are losing.
  • You can turn your partial lead data into a complete lead profile!

The HelloAlex Social Profile™ also segments your list and automatically personalizes your marketing communication based on your leads score.

List segmentation is the process of converting your leads into smaller lists based on certain behaviors, actions or non-actions. For example, in the category of New Home Buyer, there is First home buyer, family home buyer, divorced home buyer, downsize home buyer, work transfer, the international home buyer just to name a few. If you know these lead segments, it allows you to personalize your marketing messages to increase engagement and response.

Your leads are looking for you to personalize your message to them. The best way to do this is to identify different list segments and then write your message to connect individually with that demographic. Real Estate is not a one size fits all approach. You need to speak to the right people, at the right time and personalization is one of the best ways to do this.

With HelloAex you get to personalize your list based on various like age, sex, purchase motivation, occupation, buying timeline, search activity, property features and many more factors. This happens automatically plus you can create our own custom segments based on user behavior. For example, people who have sent you a Text Message and visited your website twice in the last 30 days.

Or What about the engagement campaigns like people who are having a birthday within the next 7 days?

All this is possible and our team can help you create personalized marketing campaigns to stimulate connections and conversations.

This personalization allows you to increase your marketing spend. As you present the most important and relevant information to your lead.

How can HelloAlex help you verify your lead data?

HelloAlex does this automatically using our HelloAlex Social Profile™ technology.

For example when you receive a lead from Facebook via Facebook messenger. Our system will automatically engage that lead in conversation while requesting them to verify they are human. This process allows HelloAlex to access your Leads Facebook profile and extract over 150 variables about this lead. ( must read Why a Facebook Chatbot is Not enough for real estate agents. )

Then using the leads Phone Number and Email address HelloAlex can automatically enrich this data with various other data points like: Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Net worth, Presence of Children, Age, Location, TimeZone, Relationship status, and various other data fields.

This data is instantly added to your Lead Contact Record inside the HelloAlex platform.

But that’s not all. HelloAlex can help you extract the property owner information from any property address in the USA, extract mortgage documents, update moved mailing addresses and much more.

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