When it comes to our careers, we give it our all. We push as hard as we can to get to our goals. And when that time comes when your business improves, the amount of workload also increases (1). Sometimes real estate is not what most people think. You are your own boss, but that means you have more challenges and beating them.

You give your best, organize, and find time for each appointment. But you just can’t keep up. You find your hands always full. You should not face these difficulties on your own. It might be time to hire an assistant.

Moving forward doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You need a support system to back you up. Recognize what are your weaknesses. You can be certain that these are the ones that slows your pace. Getting someone who has that strong point can help you get the workflow.

It’s time to think of the big picture. It is important to get support up. Here are some tips to how to hire the best assistant for your Real Estate Business:

  1. Evaluate your Workload

Look into your daily workload (2). See which ones you can retain and which ones you think you can hand over to your assistant. This helps you pinpoint the specific skill set you need to look for and hire. This also helps you plan to minimize your own workload once you hire your assistant.

  1. Determine which tasks your assistant should undertakeAs soon you are done with your workload evaluation, make a checklist of these tasks (3). List down the tasks and, if possible, provide a simple explanation of these specific tasks. If paper work in the office lessen your time being out to meet the clients, then perhaps your assistant can take that load.
  2. Figure out the level of skill your assistant need to have (4)Now that you’ve got the list of tasks more comprehensible, time to look for people with the matching skill set. Evaluate the tasks you have listed down for your assistant. Do you think you need someone with a background in programming? Graphic design? Possibly web design?
  3. Post Job Offering

Now it’s time to get the news out!

Just like selling a product, you must get the word out. You can post job openings in sites such as LinkedIn. You can also browse on potential candidates based on their resumes. Be sure to provide a thorough yet concise content for your job opening (5).

Know your target audience and speak to them in a voice they understand (6). Make sure to provide quality content for your job posts. A well-written job advertisement can attract the right person for the job.

  1. Start the Selection Process and Interview (7)

Screen potential candidates. Evaluate their experiences. Rate their skills. Will they help contribute to your business? Are they the right people you are looking for?

Look into each candidate to see if they are a problem solver. During the interview, ask candidates to recall their past working experiences and how they handled it. How did they handle it? Are they prepared to face a situation similar once again? What will they do if a new problem arises?

The selection process may be tedious, but finding the right person for the job is truly rewarding. Look into each candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, or how they will handle certain situations.

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