This week’s Thursday Platform Update. A busy week for HelloAlex. We are constantly improving 1% per day. When you log in to HelloAlex, you will notice that there’s a whole lot of new buttons and new features. That’s what HelloAlex specializes in is constantly improving 1% per day making the system better and better every day.

The video above will walk you through on some of the new features we are rolling out and if you want any of these features and functionalities applied into your account, all you need to do is email your concierge and say “I want that, too!” and we will have the concierge have that activated into your account.

  • Connecting your HelloAlex to Facebook Ads
  • Help & Support – Facebook Marketing information – Training content on connecting your Facebook ads in HelloAlex
  • Mortgage Client – more mortgage-related specific ads and campaigns
  • Campaign Templates improved and optimized specifically focused on the ads and on your generating leads to the context conversation and the context of the campaign are totally reinforced and in sync.
  • Rename the bot – you can now rename the bot and only applies to full access accounts
  • Webchat greeting updates – greeting messages and welcome flow resolved, open messages delay control, welcome message plus the intent message

Birthday month for HelloAlex and we are giving credit bonuses and credit rewards for October. Great promotional Marketing campaigns. Get a copy of the Behavioral marketing that Dave and Ben are working on. This will help you increase more conversions and attract more deals and generate more leads.

Remember, HelloAlex can provide you with a website – your Brokers Page, property listings page, and a whole lot of good stuff. If you have not got HA to set up your website that is functional. Just email your concierge at or send a message to Watch the video for more details of this week’s platform update.

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