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Meet The Team that helps transform
Awesome Agents into


Ben Bressington
CEO | Founder

Benjamin is the driving force behind defining the technology vision of HelloAlex and working with the developers to turn lines of code into magic (because that is, in fact, what it is). Previously, he spent time building ecommerce websites, helping create sales systems, consulted to million-dollar companies and authored multiple books. (Can you say overachiever much?) When he has spare time, he loves cycling. In fact, he loves rides that are 60 miles long. With hills. So he clearly has us beat in the fitness department. Around the office, Benjamin is known as the “guy who talks funny.” But before you think we’re being mean, know that it’s because he’s Australian. Alright, mate?

Dave Fulk
COO | Co-Founder

Just putting this out there, Dave is Fulking Awesome. Not only did he help start this whole operation, he is also responsible for the daily running of the company, and promoting the overall growth and health of the company. Before HelloAlex, Dave served as President of two different financial companies and was a police officer and EMT. Which is good, because if someone gets injured at a rowdy work party, he can assist.. He’s been described as a human Costco … he has a little bit of everything, but it’s all quality (we’re still working on him to offer little food samples at the office). Dave lives for his wife and three kids. He loves soccer, has a passion for learning and is never content with mediocre.

Nick Bonanno
VP Marketing | Co-Founder

As the marketing guy at HelloAlex, Nick gets to wear both his creative and his scientific hats. And they both look equally great on him. Because he can seamlessly go from reviewing graphics for web pages to reviewing analytics from the latest ad campaign. Prior to joining our team, Nick worked as a property investor, manager and loan processor, and also co-founded a series of financial services companies. Along the way, he managed to meet and marry his wife and have three kids. In his spare time, Nick loves to travel with his family and is a FSU Seminole Football Fanatic (try saying that 10 times fast). When asked to describe himself in three words, Nick said that he’s grateful, curious, humble and ironic. (Which is actually four words, but he’s the creative guy at the office, so we’re going with it.)

Frank Coto

This is not the first company Frank’s ‘founded’. He also founded Lincoln Lending Group. Which means that every day has him managing staff, developing new ways to bring in business, meeting with realtors, and talking constantly on the phone. Frank describes himself as an “organizational genius” which he says means his desk is a mess to the untrained eye, but he knows where everything is. Our “untrained eyes” will take his word for it. In his spare time, Frank loves to travel with his wife and young kids (North Carolina, beaches and cruises top the destination list). He also loves taking his kids to early-morning weekend car shows while his wife sleeps in. We think she gets the better end of that deal, but we’re not saying anything.