Mojo integrates with HelloAlex through Zapier. Mojo is a Real Estate database manager that locates and qualifies a person that might be a prospect.

Mojo receives a new lead that is then forwarded to HelloAlex. You can target these leads with long-term nurture follow-ups via text message, ringless voicemail, email, audio and/or video message, postcard, letter, and newsletter. Once this has been set up, this triggers HelloAlex Artificial Intelligence to drive a conversation and begin qualifying them and setting appointments for these new leads.

To zap Mojo with HelloAlex is very simple. Simply select New Contact as your Mojo Trigger and connect your account. You may conduct a test to see if it has been connected successfully. For the next step, always choose HelloAlex as your Action App and select Create New Lead as your HelloAlex Action then connect your account. After which, the system will have you set up a template for the lead’s name, email, phone number, and address. You may then conduct a test to see if it has been integrated successfully.

Learn more on how to integrate your Mojo with HelloAlex via Zapier from this article here. To get started, you can click here.

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