We want to share something super exciting with you and its all about the update we’ve made into the system.

We are highlighting how significant this update is. This will help you convert all leads, engage more leads in conversation and at the end of the day, you say “Hello!” to more leads. This is just part of the effort that our team is making on your behalf every single day.

We’ve pushed this update live as it is to make a big difference to your Property landing page in your conversions because we know it will.

HelloAlex creates Property Landing Pages and Websites for you as part of your subscription. This can also be used in your marketing campaigns like for your Postcards, Letters, and etc.(more coming soon)

Send us your Property Images so that we’ll have them all uploaded to your Property Landing Page. You can even view the property images on any device. You can also embed videos on it.

This update is already applied in your account.

Reach out to your concierge and give them all your Property images so that they can make your Property Pages look better. Give us access to all your sources and we’ll all do this for you.

This is just one of the benefits of using HelloAlex and also part of your subscription.┬áMore new features coming soon and we’ll keep you updated.

If you want to have detailed information about this new feature, just check out the video below:


Here’s the preview of the what it looks like before and the new look of the property landing page:

Property Landing Page | HelloAlex

If you want assistance on doing this process, you can send an email to concierges@helloalex.io or set up an appointment for a meeting with them here.



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