It’s that time of the year where everyone is speaking about goals.

That’s why we want to share our goals, plans, and strategies with you.

You might be asking why?

We believe that it’s part of our mission statement to be transparent with all our HelloAlex Clients. We believe in creating connections. Connections lead to conversation and conversations create commissions.

We love having conversations about our strategies and what we are working on. We love to hear your ideas and feedback to our progress.

That means we want to share with you what we are working on. What direction we are heading. By sharing our strategies with you it also helps you align with us, and us to align with you.

We value your feedback and contributions. That’s why here is part of the 2018 HelloAlex Direction.

1. HelloAlex V1 Platform launches in January 2018. This means we release our V1 platform to the public and allow any active Real Estate Agent in the USA to sign-up and activate their account.

2. HelloAlex National Listing Service. Our listing service will be integrated with our Deal Find & Deal Match service for Agents. To make selling properties faster and easier than ever before. Our property listing service will also include social profile matching to users based on consumer demographic data. This includes our Live Video streaming and Virtual Reality property services.

3. HelloAlex will activate the Mortgage professional Alex module. This allows Alex to work with mortgage professionals and be integrated with Real Estate agents accounts.

4. HelloAlex to release our Deal Find + Deal Match service. This is where Alex will search over 140 million listings to find the best deals for you. Our Match service will match your leads to deals automatically.

5. HelloAlex Transaction Coordination Service. HelloAlex will offer Transaction Coordination for Real Estate Agents as a per transaction service.

6. HelloAlex Language Release. In Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Chinese, Arabic in 2018. This may expand to 80 languages rapidly.

7. HelloAlex launches our Road Show Series. This means that every month there will be live events happening around the USA where we are training Agents on how to Automate and Grow their Real Estate business. We currently plan to be partnering with Real Estate Companies and Brokers to train their teams around the USA. If you want to be apart of this message

Our version 1 platform will be updated weekly with a major platform update released every 60 days. Our platform will be designed around the specific needs of real estate agents from lead acquisition to post-closing engagement.

The HelloAlex direction is to onboard 100,000 Real Estate Agents in the USA to the platform within the next 24 months. We believe we can achieve this goal and become the largest Real Estate AI company.

Our goal is that HelloAlex will be recognized as an INC 500 company and one of the fastest growing Real Estate companies in the USA.

Our HelloAlex team expansion includes having over 150 local HelloAlex representatives in 150 cities around the USA. These representatives will be responsible for live training Real Estate Agents and teams in that area. Ensuring the HelloAlex platform is fully integrated into those communities and giving you a contact person you can touch. This is all part of our USA expansion for 2018.

If you want to become part of the HelloAlex Family please email and we would love to speak with you. Our team is rapidly expanding and we are always looking for amazing people to join our team.

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