There are several features that are being released in the HelloAlex Platform. Please watch the full detailed information above.

  • You now have the option to control how the bot response to your property listings. If you have not uploaded your properties, you now have the ability to disable the property question.
  • Changing how the AI and the chatbot reply to the property questions – you can disable the bot and optimize the feature.
  • We’re starting to set up an IDS and MLS integration feeds – the ability to direct property sources to HelloAlex.
  • Zapier Application and Zap templates that are getting published.
  • Campaign Logics and Campaign templates update
  • Automatically enrich leads and you can set up rules based on different channels
  • Analytics dashboard

Support Operations team has been leading a lot of changes and improvements. The customer support team has been through a lot of retraining over the last few weeks.

There are a lot of major updates from the last 24 hours and there’s a dramatic improvement in the platform. Our goal for Quarter 1 of 2019 is to offer a lead generation for you. Last week, the Facebook conversation campaign got activated and we have clients generating their Facebook leads directly to HelloAlex AI. There are also 4 conversations that are published as a template.

We’re trying to improve our platform 1% every single day. We appreciate all your feedbacks that help us become significantly a better platform.

Stay tuned in the new feature of the Property Sources, Importing Properties, MLS Connections that’s continuing thing rolling out. Check the complete details of the new features done from the last 24 hours on the video above. Moreover, watch out for big announcements in November as there has been some massive team changes and updates.

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