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Is HelloAlex for you?

This is a great question and to be clear HelloAlex is NOT for everyone. If you can answer YES to these questions then you should schedule a demo.

  • Do you purchase leads?
  • Do you need more time to respond to your leads?
  • Do you want to hire an ISA, OSA or Assistant?
  • Do you have old cold leads you need to engage?
  • Are you tired or overwhelmed with technology, marketing, and lead sources?
  • Are you looking to increase your commissions?
  • Are you looking to scale or grow your team?
  • Are you looking for more automation and systems in your business?

If you answered YES to all or any of these then you should schedule your demo to discuss how HelloAlex can help you.

HelloAlex is NOT for you if?

HelloAlex is not the right solution for you if…


  • You are not purchasing leads and you only work from referrals.
  • You do not want to grow or expand your team.
  • You do not spend money on lead generation.
  • You do not have a list of over 50 (Cold, Warm, Hot) leads to work.
  • You cannot spend $399/month and includes 10,000 credits. Additional credits can be purchased. Most agents use HelloAlex as their marketing engine to engage their leads 24/7 on autopilot. This requires the purchase of credits. You should budget $500 or more for credit use marketing. You add credits as you need them.

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