Our pricing is simple:

Pick the plan that works best for you

Access to the HelloAlex platform with our fully functioning AI chatbot for your website, text message (SMS), Video Text Message (MMS), email, WeChat, Twitter and Facebook Message. Customize the Add-ons to meet the needs of your business!

All plans are month to month, no contracts cancel anytime. Like we said… Simple.

Marketing Enhancements


Let’s face it, you probably think to yourself everyday about… “I wish I was doing this”  or “I need to be doing that.” Great news… with Alex YOU CAN!

With our 3D lead engagement process HelloAlex automatically engages your leads and optimizes your online and offline marketing campaigns, engaging and nurturing your leads IN REAL TIME like never before.

Website Chat Widget


Facebook Messenger

Text Messaging

Video Messaging

Facebook Ads



On Demand




Custom Follow Up



It’s simple you can power the enhancements above using our credits system. Each item has a set credit value to use. You can use these features whenever and however often you want. Some of our members have moved most of their marketing budgets into Alex as they are seeing a much greater ROI. But that is up to you. You can turn these featuers on and off as you want.

$.01 = 1 credit


Lisa purchased 5,000 credits to use the enhanced marketing features in her business. These 5,000 credits were only an investment outlay of $50. She will now be able to use these credits whenever and however she wants. If she wants to have Alex’s team of trained phone agents make calls for her to re engage old leads.. done. If she wants to send out direct mail postcards as a Birthday campaign to all of her past clients.. perfect. If she wants to use them to have Alex instantly retarget and market to her new leads on Facebook.. Boom!

Think of all the ways our enhanced marketing services can help you engage your clients both online and offline like never before.

HelloAlex Guarantee:

100% response rate to all leads, with Name, Phone, and Email.

No more lost leads!

Lead response time of 2 minutes or less…Be the first responder!

Automated system for managing lead and customer nurturing!

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