All Real Estate Agents have cold leads. The reality is that only a percentage usually in the single digits is engaged at any one point in time.

So how can you actively convert cold leads into commissions?

One the easiest ways to engage with your leads without pressuring your leads is by using our direct to voicemail feature.

Ringless Voicemails can improve response rates by 80%

This allows you to deliver a high-value messages directly to a users voice mail. This can register as a missed call, on your leads cell phone. But allows you to connect in a friendly way.

Think of your voicemail as a simple platform for engaging your leads directly with your message. Low pressure, low stress, highly engaging.

One of the reasons the direct to voicemail strategy is so powerful is that it allows your leads to identify your phone number. If you use the direct to voicemail feature prior to calling you leads are more likely to answer the phone when you next call.

Your message is delivered DIRECTLY to your leads voicemail without the phone ringing!

What is Ringless Voicemail

What is Ringless Voicemail

Strategies for using the Ringless Voicemail Feature:

  1. Introduce yourself to your leads within minutes of them submitting a request. This allows you to introduce your helloAlex assistant promoting them to engage with your assistant.
  2. Deliver meaning high-value messages with low pressure. These messages could be auction reminders, exclusive listings, insider information and much more.
  3. Allow for personalized birthday message notifications.

This is just the beginning of what is possible when you implement ringless voicemails into your lead nurturing campaigns.

What’s exciting is that helloAlex allows you to integrate ringless voicemail into your marketing campaigns. With various triggers to send personalized voicemails.

You can even connect to helloAlex using Zapier to send your leads a ringless voicemail.

helloAlex Ringless Voicemail system is:

  • Does not allow SPAM messages
  • Only pay for SUCCESSFULLY Delivered Messages!

Voicemail listen rates are 96% This means 96% of people will listen to your message compared to email open rates of 13%!

Voicemail Scripts for Real Estate Agents

You might be thinking that you are not sure what to say in a voicemail message. That’s fine inside all helloAlex accounts are script templates with over 30 different scripts for every different engagement opportunity.

Here are just a few ringless voicemail script templates to get you thinking:

Generic Ringless Voicemail Message:

Hello, this is [Agent Name] from [agent company]. I just received your property enquiry. I am going to have my assistant Alex connect with you to get a few questions answered within the next few minutes. oh, here is the phone number to text or call Alex 24/7. [helloAlex Hotline]. Alex will make sure your questions get answered and you get connected with me as fast as possible. Speak soon. [Agent Name]

Generic Buyer Message

Hello, It’s [Agent Name], from [Agent Company]. I just received your property buying request. I’m excited to help you buy the right property. I am sure you have some questions and I would love to answer them ASAP. That’s why I will have Alex connect within you in a few minutes to make sure you get your questions answered. You can text or call this phone number [helloAlex Phone #] 24/7 and Alex will respond to you instantly. Can’t wait to speak with you soon. [Agent Name]

Generic Buyer Message Follow-up # 1 – (3 days from enquiry)

Hello, It’s [Agent Name], from [Agent Company]. You contacted me the other day about buying a property I have listed. I wanted to confirm that you received the information you needed?

Let me know if you have any questions. You can also connect with my assistant Alex 24/7 to get your questions answered.Can’t wait to speak with you soon. [Agent Name]

Past Buyer Anniversary

Hi, [Agent Name] here from [Agent Company]. Its been 12 months since your property settled and I’m touching base to see how everything is going. At your convenience I’m happy to discuss any purchasing or selling needs you may have. Regards

Past Buyer/Seller Birthday

Hi, [Agent Name] here from [Agent Company]. I noticed in our CRM it is your birthday today and I was ringing to wish you all the best. Feel free to call me back at any time if you need to discuss anything around the property market. Regards

Past Property Seeker Update Database

Hi, [Agent Name] here from [Agent Company]. We’re currently updating our database and I was calling to check whether you’re still in the market for a property. So if you have any specific property requirements or needs in relation to property appraisals than I’d be happy to help you. Regards

Landlord/Investor Courteous Follow Up

Hi, [Agent Name] here from [Agent Company]. I just wanted to touch base to check you’re happy in relation to how we’re managing your investment property. If you have any feedback or would like to discuss anything, then I’m available for a call at your convenience. Regards

Property Inspection Thank-you

Hi, [Agent Name] here from [Agent Company]. I’m just following up in relation to [Address] you looked at today. I just wanted to thank you for attending the inspection and I’m available to answer any questions you may have around the property. Regards

Property Auction Reminder

Hi [Agent Name] here from [Agent Company]. I just wanted to let you know that the auction for [Address] is next [Auction Date]. If you require any information around the property or have any questions in relation to the Auction process then don’t hesitate to call me. We look forward to seeing you at the Auction. Regards

The options with creating voicemail campaigns are endless and this is just to give you some ideas to get started. Our team is more than happy to work with you to personalize and create scripts that will work for you.

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