Do you have leads that have gone cold?

It happens to the best agents, and the good news is that it is not your fault!

But here is a simple 3 step cold lead reactivation campaign to help you extract commissions. Yes, it works regardless of long it has been since you made contact with your leads.

Let’s face it. There is someone on your lead list that right now is thinking about selling, thinking about buying or even better. Actively looking for a new home.

The challenge is right now they have forgotten about you. They will do business with the first person that engages with them. So the question you might be thinking is how do you make sure you are that first responder?

You can be the first responder by using this simple 3 step cold lead reactivation campaign.


The goal of this campaign is to connect with your leads in a friendly way and make sure they know you are available to help them. You will be amazed at the people who will refer you to a friend because you connected with them just at the right time.

There are many benefits to using this campaign on a regular basis to stay top of mind with your real estate leads and clients.

There are two versions of this campaign so it can work with any marketing budget and any list size.

The low budget version relies on more automated or digital communication without the use of Live Outbound Calls and Direct Mail. The higher budget campaign allows for using the helloAlex outbound call service along with sending a physical printed direct mail newsletter piece.

How do you segment your list?

The objective of these campaigns is delivering high value and relevant content to engage your leads. You should segment your list based on their interests. The easy segmentation is as follows:

  1. Buyers
  2. Sellers
  3. Renters
  4. Commercial
  5. Agents + Brokers

If you segment your campaigns based on this, you will be able to deliver more personalized content. List segmentation will increase the response rates significantly.

You can also segment your lists further based on (RFM) Recency, Frequency and Money spent. This allows you to provide even more value to your leads. Providing value to your leads is what will have them want to talk to you.

Design Messages that create response!

Your goal should always be to become the valued guest rather than the unwanted pest. Many agents don’t assess their marketing messages from their leads point of view.

When the lead receives this message will they think “WOW” or “what’s this crap?”

This is the difference of becoming the welcome guest in your leads life of an unwanted pest.

A simple example of this is segmenting your leads, so you send valuable content to buyers, and valuable content to sellers. If you treat all of your leads the same, you will quickly become a best.

There is a difference in the lead source as well. The difference between the buying intent of a Facebook lead vs Zillow lead for example.

Nobody woke up this morning, started browsing Facebook thinking they are going to buy a house today. That means the intent of your Facebook leads requires higher value engagement to build a relationship. However, people are actively browsing Zillow because their buying intent is different. This type of person has decided to buy a house. The question then is at what stage of the buying process are they?

3 Day Real Estate Cold Lead Campaign

This campaign works for any type of lead and is a great way to engage them. If you need help getting started with this campaign it is already loaded into your helloAlex account. This means it can be activated in less than 60 seconds!

Real Estate Cold Lead Marketing Campaign Buyer and Sellers

Real Estate Cold Lead Marketing Campaign Buyer and Sellers

The elements of this campaign are simple. This is what makes the campaign powerful and engaging. Don’t over complicate it. Keep it simple and keep it personally.

Tip: When you send a voice mail, or MMS you can configure the Caller ID number (CID). This means you can setup the number that displays on the user’s phone. Make this your helloAlex number as it allows text message responses or phone calls. There is nothing worse that sending our these messages and having users reply with text messages or calls and no one answers the phone.

TIP: When your leads reply to your messages or call you ANSWER the phone. This sounds simple but so many agents fail to answer the phone when their leads call or respond. This is certainly something simple, but customer service is how you rapidly expand your business. This means answering the phone and replying to leads. This is exactly where helloAlex can help you by answering your phones, replying to your leads when they start a conversation.

Day 1: Friendly Voicemail

Using the Ringless Voicemail feature is a simple way to engage your leads in a friendly no threatening way. For example, the message you can send is something like this.

Remember when you use helloAlex you will setup different messages based on the lead type. This increases response rates.

“Hello, It’s [Agent Name], from [Agent Company]. I wanted to connect with you and see if there is anything I can do to help you with your Property Buying needs. I wanted to share this with you [High-Value Tip/something WOW in your market.] Let me know if have any questions, or want information on a specific property. Speak soon”

This message is delivered directly to your leads voicemail. This will have a 96% read rate. So it means your leads will get your message. But the way that this message is delivered creates a simple, friendly engagement. There is no fear or pressure to respond or answer the phone.

Keep the message light, friendly and of high value. Make sure the tip you share with the different segments is high value. This helps create the “rubber neck” effect, so people will want to call you and find out more. It is like when you drive past and accident on the highway. People slow to look at the accident. Even though they did want to see the body in the car, they really do so they want to look. This slows down the traffic as people are bust looking to see what they might have missed. You want to create the same thing with the high-value tip.

Facebook Conversation:

With helloAlex we can also trigger the start of a conversation. This means we send a message to directly to Facebook messenger allowing for an engaging conversation. It’s also friendly and engaging and supports the voicemail.


The email that is sent to support the voicemail, and conversation. The Email should be sent with a link directly to start or continue the Facebook conversation.

People prefer to text, email, or chat online early in a “sales conversation”. This is because of the fear of sales pressure. So allow your customers, to engage with you in a non-threatening way.

Day 2: Video Text Message.

The purpose of this Video Message is to allow people to understand you are a REAL person. How does this happen?

By putting a face to the name. The video is a simple 15-60 second video from you. This could be the first time your leads have seen your face.

Remember you are trying to become the welcome guest, not the unwanted pest. This means that people need to know what you look like. So when they see you in the store, they can say hello.

This Video text message does NOT require any fancy equipment either. All you need to do is record a video on your CELL Phone! That’s right point that camera at yourself and click record. You will be amazed at the results.

So what do you say on this video text message?

“Hello, its [Agent Name] from [Agent Company]. I wanted to say hello and let you know that “Awesome Fact, Cool Thing, Hot Tip”

Can you do me a favor? Let me know the one thing/feature/amenity you want in your property. So I can let you know first before anyone else. As you know, some of the best deals never hit the market as they sell quickly. So if I know what’s perfect for you, I can get you access to these special deals. Speak soon.”

Notes: What’s exciting about this message is that you have delivered something of value to them. This is just a simple idea however it creates a friendly engagement like having a conversation.

You will also notice that you created curiosity and asked a question for people to reply to. Always ask questions that promote people responding to your messages. This creates engagement and a reason for the conversation.

This is powerful in emails, ask people to comment on properties, share their opinions on what they like and don’t like. This works on social media, emails, phone, and even text messages.

You might be surprised at the response you get back, and it will help you identify your client’s needs. When you know their needs, you can better serve them.


Newsletters are a simple, yet powerful way to stand out from every other agent. I am not talking about an email newsletter, but a printed newsletter that shows up in the mail.


  • Physical items have a higher perceived value.
  • Emails are easily dismissed.
  • Not many people use direct mail.
  • Deliver high-value content to engage them.

Newsletters are a great way to share your experience and credibility. It allows you to share stories that people may not know. Why not sure your insider tips as part of a newsletter series to your leads. Share stories that allow other people to share your stories with others. You will be amazed at the referrals you can generate from this type of system.

At helloAlex we have made creating personalized newsletters easy. Our team will custom write your Real Estate Newsletter and personalize it to your local market. This saves you hours of writing and research. Our team can even create for you different versions of your newsletters that be used for your different market segments. We even handle the printing and mailing of your monthly newsletters.

Phone Call:

This is the perfect day to reach out with a phone call. Specifically, since the CID should be setup to be your phone number from the voicemail and Video Text Message that was sent. This means when you call they will know who is calling.

Many people don’t answer the phone to numbers they don’t know.

You might be thinking what’s the point of the phone call?

The call is simple and quick. It’s a check-in phone call. Are you looking to buy? What do you want to buy? What’s the one feature your property must have? What’s most important to you?

This call should help you understand what your buyer wants, and what stage of the customer life cycle are they at. You could also ask if they know any friends looking to buy or sell right now?

This phone call is a simple outbound engagement call, and while some agents skip this step is it a powerful way to engage your leads and touch base. Our helloAlex can make all of these calls outbound for you as your assistant. This allows you to also clean your list each time you run this campaign. Updating information on each of the leads based on the conversations.

How do I end the call?

“Thanks to connecting. Let me know if you ever have questions about a property or want to know of a great place to grab dinner, coffee, or need to find a good referral in the local area happy to help you. You can call, text, email my assistant at any time and we will help you. Speak soon.”

Thank them, and then offer to be a resource for referrals. Everyone needs referrals at some point in time. Everyone needs a good mechanic, best control person, or know about something for their kid’s sports, school. Why not be that person who connects others. This gives your leads a reason to connect with you.

You will find that most people, don’t have a reason to connect with you because they are not ready to put an offer in on the property. So if you can give them a friendly reason connect this allows you to be top of mind. Over every other agent in the community.

Day 3: Last Connect

What you will find happens by day three, is that your list has already been starting to engage with you from each step of the previous day sequence.

Your list will engage with you at different times based on different parts of the sequence. This is ok, and you need to remember that every one of your leads is at a different stage of their buying cycle.

The objective of this Day 3 message is just to provide a final touch point. You have been using multiple channels of communication with your lead to engaging them over the last three days. The final voice mail allows them to connect with you.

Yes, you will have already had people replying to your first message, second message, emails, Facebook Messages, twitter Direct messages which is good.

What this 3 Day campaign allows you to engage the leads who are actively looking to take action. This means leads that were one cold will now be calling you and starting conversations with you.

What do you say on this message?

“Hello, It’s [Agent Name], from [Agent Company]. I wanted to let you know I just got a new listing you might be interested it. It’s a [little about the property] at [property address]. Let me know if you want to see it. You can text or call Alex to get the latest information on this property. Speak soon.”

It quick, simple and once again gives people a reason to call. It is different from the day one and day two messages.

That’s the 3 Day campaign, and you can alter this campaign to meet your needs. However, it has proven as an effective way to engage your cold real estate leads.

If you want our helloAlex team to help, you implement this campaign into your business just contact us. We can have this campaign working for you today! Schedule a time to speak here: or call or text us 24/7 +1-302-603-1240.

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