We are giving you this week’s platform update and there are a lot of awesome stuff happening on it over the last few weeks. Watch this video below:



  • Website system – another massive update on Public Property page again, added Listings Page, how it looks like in different devices
  • Conversation Chats – resolving and updating about more than 200 chats from different channels, viewing listings within the chat conversation (view listings now works for Website Chat Widget and Facebook while text messages can only see URLs to your listings page), new buttons on scheduling and clicking the view more which gives you more information about the property.
  • A lot of Big Campaign updates – list, onboarding process, and other more (watch the video to hear the details of this new update)
  • Solving with a lot of phone numbers and email address from clients 


There are lot more great updates coming and we’re working on a lot of cool conversations that you may never have thought of.

If you know someone who loves to use HelloAlex, please share them to your Concierge. Concierge email address, concierges@helloalex.io and their Calendly link here.

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