With BookingSync, you can centralize your rental management process. Instead of bouncing between all of your various property listing apps like Airbnb and HomeAway, you can connect and manage all of them from a single platform. All of your booking inquiries and requests will be funneled through a reservation system to help you stay on top of your communications.

You can now integrate BookSync with HelloAlex in which you can automate your rental property management using countless workflows. With HelloAelx, BookSync can send new Inquiry trigger, New client or cancelled booking trigger.

When creating your Zap, select New Inquiry as your trigger and Create New Lead as your action. This will complete your task automatically. When a new inquiry is captured in Booking Sync, Zapier automation will create a new lead in HelloAlex. HelloAlex uses conversational A.I. to start conversations with your contacts and leads 24/7 in less than 2 minutes. After starting the conversation, Alex will begin marketing to your leads both online and offline automatically depending on different stages of the conversation. This can include sending Ringless voicemails, text messages, postcards even Facebook re-targeting and more.

Learn more on how to integrate your BookingSync with HelloAlex via Zapier from this article here. To get started, you can click here.

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