Leadsimple makes the most of every deal opportunity who can assist you to generate a configuration, automation, liability that is essential to drive your deals to the next level.

Zapier start the Leadsimple to integrate with HelloAlex when a new lead is created. In HelloAlex, it will add a new lead in Leads Center where they can use it during campaigns for them to receive emails, text /MMS messages, postcards, and letters.

Connecting your Leadsimple account to HelloAlex would complete your task automatically by choosing “New Lead” as your trigger to start the zapping. It will then ask for you to login to your Leadsimple account and add in the API Key as seen in your company settings page to allow Zapier to access to have access to it. Navigate the Integrations in your Leadsimple Settings and just scroll to the bottom of the page and copy your API key. If you entered the correct API key, your Leadsimple account will be successfully connected. HelloAlex will then be your Action App as it will “Create Lead” in your HelloAlex account. To confirm you have successfully connected to your HA app, you can do a test and so a set up in your HelloAlex lead. Setting up your HelloAlex Lead, will pull an example of what you want to trigger your Zap. It will either be an example if the information set by the app or the latest trigger that happened in your app like Lead type, Lead Name, Lead Email address, Lead Phone, Lead Address, and/or Lead’s birthday.

Learn more on how to integrate your Leadsimple with HelloAlex via Zapier from this article here. To get started, you can click here.

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