The simple things can make a big impact on your Real Estate business.

Over the last 60 days, our team has been working with clients on the simple things.

You might call them the small things.

However, it is the small things that can make a massive difference.

For example:

  • Thankyou Postcards
  • Birthday Postcards
  • Christmas Postcards

Christmas time is a FANTASTIC time to engage your leads as you have a reason to communicate.

Do you know what that reason is?

There is nothing like the feeling of bothering someone. However this time of year it’s different. There is the Christmas Spirit. This tradition allows you to connect with every lead and client and reconnect. Even if you haven’t spoken to them in months!

The life of a Real Estate Professional is busy. There are a million things you need to do. At this time of year, it always seems like something is screaming for your attention and time.

That’s why if you get the simple campaigns configured once with HelloAlex. They will run on autopilot every day, forever.

This makes a big impact on your time when you’re busy like today.

Because if you let Alex setup your Christmas card campaign, it would automatically send all your leads and clients a Christmas card on the same day each year.

PostCard Templates Real Estate HelloAlex AI

You choose the template once, and then Alex worries about findings the addresses for your leads and clients. Alex worries about printing and mailing it. That’s right Alex is the one that will stand in those LONG USPS lines to make sure your postcards are sent.

This means you get to experience the happy calls, text messages and Facebook messages from your list, thanking you for your card.

You also get to experience the joy of getting a phone call from a lead saying just got your card and I am ready!

If you don’t do the little things right, you will find that your business suffers. It is the little things that can make a big difference and help you stand out from those other agents who aren’t winning the time battle.

Let us help you create more connections, start more conversations and convert more commissions with

Schedule your HelloAlex Demo today!

HelloAlex helps you go from from Awesome Agent to Superhero by helping you eliminate lead guilt and allowing you to finally win the fight of never having enough time.

We are your Automated Income Assistant. Empowering you with our 3 C’s Conversations, Connections, Commissions.

HelloAlex will allow you to engage and have more Conversations with your clients in real time which will help you make more and deeper Connections ultimately resulting in more Commissions. Schedule your Demo today!

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