The goal of this post is to help you understand how HelloAlex’s pricing plan works. Once you understand how the credits work you will understand how you can indeed save money when you implement HelloAlex as your Real Estate Assistant. You will also know how to compare HelloAlex to other vendors in the marketplace.

It’s ok we want you to compare and really experience the difference first hand. The pricing plans of HelloAlex have been structure to minimize cost to you. So you to only pay for the services you need when you need them. Remember that the goal of HelloAlex is to become your assistant.

This means that there are various online and offline tasks that Alex can complete on your behalf. This includes tasks, that happen during the lead acquisition, lead conversion to clients and the post-closing follow-up.

Why Credits?

We needed a system that allows you to scale and grow. Based on your needs and the communication you want to happen with your leads and clients. We know there is no “one-size” fits all and your business is unique. Your budget is unique. That’s why we created a credits system so it can uniquely fit to your needs and your business.

Regardless of the stage, your business is at. We understand there will be months or weeks when you are busier than others. That’s exactly how HelloAlex saves you money. HelloAlex can scale to meet your needs. When you need it, as you need it.

But as a foundation HelloAlex is ready, willing and able to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So when you do get a lead we can respond within 3 seconds. HelloAlex Is like having an assistant that never leaves the computer or the telephone…ever!  

We have A.i and Humans that can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our credit system allows you to only pay for what you need when you need it.

Yes, with our credit system you can setup a monthly spend limit, along with setting up auto-recharge. Our system will automatically alert you when you are approaching your credit limit. Along with altering your marketing campaigns based on the rules you setup.

Our team is continuously releasing new features and marketing campaigns that can you implement into your business. These updates are included as part of your HelloAlex subscription. That’s right turn-key ready to use marketing campaigns that will help you create connections.

Some HelloAlex features are premium features that you use credits. Some features are free and included as part of your subscription. All of this will be explained in this post. Please refer to the Plans page for full pricing details.

What does HelloAlex Cost?

The cost to use HelloAlex platform is broken down into two elements.

  1. AI Platform Conversations & Access
  2. Credits for Enhancements.

Your marketing campaigns are created using various AI Conversations and Marketing Enhancements. You can customize each marketing campaign, so it works the way you want it. The HelloAlex base plan monthly access subscription starts at $299/month1. HelloAlex is a month to month subscription service.

Meaning you can cancel the service at any point in time. There are no contracts or long-term commitments. All users must accept our terms of service on creating your account. To calculate the cost of HelloAlex, you need to do the following:

[HelloAlex Subscription + Credits Used = Monthly Cost]

We recommend that you pre-purchase credit bundles as this will provide you with the best ROI for you purchase. Your credits do not expire and can be used at any point in time. That means you can pre-purchase credits in bulk to save money and take all year to use them.

How are credits used?

[embedyt][/embedyt] Credits are used based on the marketing enhancement that is triggered. For example, let me reference our Birthday Campaign. This campaign works automatically for all of your leads and or clients. You can customize if you want it for leads or clients only.

HelloAlex AI Chatbot Real Estate Lead Campaigns

HelloAlex AI Chatbot Real Estate Lead Campaigns

For example when we complete the Social Profile of your lead. This is when we can convert your leads Email, Phone, Name, Address into over 150 different data points.

This means if you are only given a Cell phone number we can convert that number into a Mailing Address, Email Address, Date of Birth, Social Profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and others. Along with the Geolocation and various other data points you can use like Net worth, children present, occupation, relationship status and many others.

This all happens one time the first time you ever receive your lead data. Based on this data our campaign will select any of your leads that have a birthday within the next 7 days. Then send your chosen birthday postcard to the printer. Yes, this means your postcard will be printed and mailed to arrive within the next 3-5 days. Your birthday postcard will arrive the day before or on your leads birthday, based on their address.

Then on your client’s birthday, HelloAlex can trigger any or all of the following to occur. Send a Ringless Voicemail to your leads telephone, start a conversation on Facebook via Messenger and send a text message. A Ringless voicemail is the ability to send a voicemail to a persons telephone without the telephone ringing.

This works to landlines with answering machine or cell phones.” This is just part of the Birthday campaign. However the credits that would have been used are as follows.

  1. Social Profile – This occurs one time and is usually on lead creation. So you only use these creates once. (100 Credits)
  2. Postcard – 4×6 Print + Mail (89 Credits)
  3. Ringless Voicemail (10 Credits)
  4. Facebook Messenger (Free)
  5. Text Message (2 Credits)

Total Campaign cost is 200 Credits.

Types of HelloAlex Conversations

There are two forms of communication that occur on HelloAlex.

  1. A.I (Automated)
  2. Human

Each of these is explained in detail below. But all you need to remember is that AI is the HelloAlex automated system, and Human has a real human what we call a HelloAlex Live Agent engaged in the conversation. This conversation could be via text chat or voice via the telephone or web phone.

What you need to be aware of is if there is a Live Human involved you use credits per minute. If there it is just AI it’s a free conversation.

Real Estate Chatbot AI Instantly Start Conversations

Real Estate Chatbot AI Instantly Start Conversations

Conversations with your helloAlex assistant can occur on multiple channels. This includes and is not limited to:

  1. Facebook Messenger.
  2. Text Message (SMS & MMS Credits Apply).
  3. Video Messages (Credits Apply).
  4. Email.
  5. Twitter.
  6. Viber.
  7. WeChat.
  8. Telegram.
  9. HelloAlex Webchat Widget.

A.I Conversations

AI Conversations are automated conversations that leverage the power of our Artificial Intelligence that is continuously evolving and self-learning from every interaction that ever occurs on the platform. HelloAlex is getting smarter every single day.

AI conversations are complex and dynamic and have been designed by the HelloAlex team to feel like you are speaking to a human. Our system has been designed to respond with Emoji’s, slang and understand multiple questions just like a human would. AI conversations are best explained as follows: Online Examples:

HelloAlex Real Estate Chatbot AI

HelloAlex Real Estate Chatbot AI

  • Craiglist Enquiry via Text Message

In this example, you will see that your leads take 4 different types of actions.

  • Action 1 – Call Telephone in Ad
  • Action 2 – Text Telephone in Ad
  • Action 3 – Email Question using Reply
  • Action 4 – Visit your website URL in Ad.

Based on these 4 actions a user could take. Action 2-4 could result in A.I conversations which are automated. This is the conversations that happen via Text Message, Email and your Website live chat widget. The real power of the HelloAlex system starts to shine when you login to the HelloAlex portal and see this entire conversation in real time.

And how from a simple text message we have been able to extract the Name, Email, Mailing Address, Age, Occupation, Net-worth, Social media accounts of your lead. HelloAlex then automates your Facebook advertising campaigns to target this lead automatically. More on that later.

  • Website Live Chat

When someone visits your website, they will have the option to ask you question using the live chat. HelloAlex makes it easy for you to install this.. don’t worry it’s included with your HelloAlex account. Users can ask questions about properties to submit messages. HelloAlex will respond and engage these leads in conversations.

With HelloAlex live chat humans standing by ready to take over from the AI if anything goes wrong. Or if you wanted to step in and chat with the lead you can do that too.

  • Facebook Message on your Fan Page or Business page

If someone sends you a message on Facebook HelloAlex will respond to this conversation. 99% of the time this conversation is operated by the HelloAlex Ai in an automated manner.

  • Text Message

If someone sends a Text Message to your HelloAlex number, our AI will respond instantly. Our system will also time and date stamp the authorization to continue the conversation via text message. This provides you with an acceptance that your users gave permission for conversations to occur via text message. Offline Examples:

  • Yard Sign inbound telephone call
  • Yard Sign Inbound text message

Real Estate Yard Sign IVR Chatbot Text Message AI

Your users can respond to your Yard signs in two ways being a telephone call or sending a text message. Either option allows for helloAlex to respond to each action uniquely.

If you are using the HelloAlex IVR system with your Real Estate Yard signs. This will allow users to hear a recorded message before speaking with a human. It’s a fantastic way to engage with your leads via a non-threatening form of engagement.

Human Conversations

Human conversations occur when a human is involved. This human can be you as a HelloAlex Client or part of the HelloAlex Live Agent team. These team members place calls to your leads or clients via either inbound or outbound triggers.

  • Person calls phone number
  • Person chatting via text chat requests to chat with human
  • Outbound Call placed to your leads.

Human conversations can be started several ways and are triggered via an inbound or outbound action. Inbound Action: Lead called telephone. Outbound Action: HelloAlex Live Agents placed a telephone call to user. These conversations can be either requested in a text chat or part of a campaign sequence. For example, the telephone call sequence that happens during the New Buyer Lead Campaign.

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is the sequence of actions that happen to engage your leads. You can customize any sequence of triggers to occur over any period of time. Time can be minutes, hours, days or months.

This includes, for example, receiving a lead via email, completing a social profile, then automatically adding this lead to a custom audience within your Facebook ads customized Facebook ads. A HelloAlex campaign can include online and offline marketing enhancements as you can see from the following New Buyer lead Campaign. Real Estate AI Lead Campaign AI Chatbot Assistant The HelloAlex provides you with campaigns like this ready to use as soon as you activate your HelloAlex account. Our team is constantly updating these campaigns and creating new campaigns you can implement into your business in seconds. Our team can even help you customize your campaigns so they are perfect for your needs.

What enhancements use credits? You will notice that certain triggers in the New Buyer Lead Campaign have a “$” symbol attached to them. These are the triggers that use credits. For example, sending messages via a text message use credits. For example: Sending Ringless Voicemails, Postcards, SMS, MMS, Social Profiles, Lead Validation are just some of the features that use credits.

One of the great features of our on-demand postcard printing is that we can print one postcard or 5,000 and they are the same price. We print and post your Real Estate postcards and letter the very same day.

What HelloAlex does not do?

We like to keep things simple. That’s why here are some of the things that HelloAlex will never do.

  1. We do not double dial leads.
  2. We do lock you into minimums.
  3. You do not pay per lead!
  4. You do not pay for Live calls under 35 seconds.
  5. There is no limitation on leads or conversations.

HelloAlex will:

  1. Allow you to personalize call scripts. We provide you with scripts to use, but you can personalize these, and our Call team will use these instead of our defaults.
  2. Provide you with telephone numbers for telephone calls or text messages. We always contact your leads from one (1) central number to allow for real-time call tracking.
  3. We will answer telephone calls within 3 rings 24/7.
  4. We print and mail direct mail on demand every day. That means your postcards and letters are hitting the mail every day on demand.
  5. Unlimited Leads, with unlimited conversation options.
  6. Won’t charge you credits for conversations less than 35 seconds.
  7. Always strive to create a quality conversation with your leads and clients.

Unlimited FREE A.I Chatbot Conversations

Every conversation you have with a lead or client is unique. It is dynamic and personalized to that specific lead. To make it easy for you, we wanted to make our system simple to use. That’s why we provide you with UNLIMITED AI Conversation on any channel that allows for AI-based automated conversations.

What is an A.I ChatBot Conversation? That’s a great question. It means any conversation that can occur via an automated method. For example: When a lead is on your website and starts chatting to your HelloAlex Assistant via the Website Chat Widget, this is an A.I conversation.

Our AI conversations at optimized to be as realistic as possible and we are continually updating our platform as it self-learns. If the A.I ever struggles with a conversation a human can step in to claim that chat in less than 20 seconds.

How do HelloAlex credits work?

HelloAlex Credits are simple. 1 Credit = 1 Penny (O.01 USD Cents).

We created our system based on cents to allow us to charge hour the lowest possible price for our enhanced services. This means we don’t have to round up, therefore helping you keep more money in your pocket. Credits are purchased in your account via the “My Account>Credits” section. This allows you to purchase credit bundles, or setup the options to auto-recharge your credits when they fall below a certain dollar amount. Credits HelloAlex You should always keep enough credits in your account to allow for 14 days of promotions. The larger your list becomes the more credits you need to allow for your lead engagement. There are several options for adding credits and we currently accept PayPal, Credit Card, ACH (Bank Transfer), Wire Transfer, Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can configure these options inside your account.

Some payment options reward you with more credits than others due to the transaction fees charged by the associated payment gateways.

Does HelloAlex have a setup fee?

Yes, there is a setup fee with configuring your HelloAlex account. This helps us ensure your account is optimized for success within the first 30 days. One of our HelloAlex team members will connect with you within the first 72 hours of your account creation to schedule a time to ensure your account is setup correctly. Before this strategy call we recommend that all Clients complete the Setup Checklist inside their HelloAlex account.

Does HelloAlex allow for customization?

Yes, HelloAlex allows for customization, and you can personalize your account and campaigns yourself. Our the HelloAlex team can personalize your campaigns for you. If you need help with a special marketing campaign or just want someone to do it for you. Our team can help you. If you want our team to help you setup your campaigns email

Will HelloAlex configure the system for me?

Yes the HelloAlex team can configure your systems for you. We are happy to help you make sure your HelloAlex account is fully setup and working for you. If you have any questions, please reach out to and our team will be happy to help you. Our goal it to help you transform from Awesome to Superhero and that means we will give you the tools and training you need to succeed.

Will HelloAlex train my team?

Yes, HelloAlex can train your team on the power of A.I and apply automation to their business. We can do this via online video training or live in-person training sessions. The HelloAlex team travels around the USA as part of our HelloAlex Roadshow and we are more than happy to visit your office to conduct in-person training.

How does HelloAlex Compare?

This table explains the standard features of HelloAlex and compares them to the other services in the marketplace. This allows you to truly witness how HelloAlex gives you that competitive advantage.

Lead Verification & Validation
Convert Partial Lead Data
Extract Property Owner Information from Any Street Address in USA
Convert Telephone Number into Address
Match Leads to Facebook Accounts
Create 150 point profile on leads
Works on Any Device no software
Chatbot works on Your Website
Chatbot works on Facebook
Chatbot works on Text Message
Chatbot works on Email
Chatbot works on Zillow
Chatbot works on Realtor
Chatbot works on Portal Leads
Chatbot works on Twitter
Chatbot works on Zapier
Built-in Telephone Dialer
Provides SMS, MMS, Voice telephone numbers
Text & Voice IVR
Postcard Printing
Letter Printing
Brochure Printing
Geo-Farming Lists
Geo-Farming List Filtering
Geo-Farming List Filtering + Facebook Remarketing
Facebook Advertising Remarketing
Facebook Custom Audience Creator
Facebook Ad Builder
Facebook Ad Builder with Ai
Ringless Voicemails to Cell & Landlines
Artificial Intelligence for Conversations
Live Agents for Text Conversations
Live Agents for Telephone Call Answering
Live Agents for Telephone Call outbound
Telephone Scripts
Prebuilt Lead Marketing Campaigns
Zapier integration for inbound & bound data flows
API for customization
Multiple Languages
Live Support & Training
Post Close Followup
Unlimited Lead Management
Real-Time Analytics & Tracking
Custom Campaign Builder
Works on Any Device no software
Creates Property Website

[^1 This was correct price at the time of publishing. This price may have changed and for the latest in pricing please read the HelloAlex pricing page.

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