85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. That means that automation could jeopardize between 40-75 million jobs worldwide by 2025.

What does that mean to you?

It means that any of the jobs associated with data entry, customer support, lead nurturing and lead engagement can be automated with AI (Artificial Intelligence). This means the world of assistants, business development managers, customer support representatives and sales people is transforming.

I say transforming as it is not just a change, but it will recreate roles within entire industries.

What’s not yet clear is if your position may or may not be needed within a real estate company. However what we do know is how you work on a daily basis will change.

40% of mobile interactions will be managed by AI by 2020. As communication continues to evolve on mobile devices that are always on and always connected. This places higher and higher demands on Real Estate Agents.

What this statistic means is that 40% of initial customer interactions and conversations can be 100% automated with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) agent.

The Real Estate Agent Lead Engagement Challenge!

Being a Real Estate agent is a challenging career. It requires you to be constantly available and always competing.

The demands of answering questions, providing information on properties 24/7 are just some of the factors that create burnout and overwhelm with many real estate agents. However, it does not need to be this way. An Ai (Artificial Intelligence ) Chatbot Assistants can be one of the biggest competitive advantages for real estate agents.

Let me put it in context for you.

If there are 2,400 houses in a community for example. How many floor plans, features, amenities, house sizes, lot sizes can you remember?

However, a Real Estate Chatbot AI assistant can remember every detail of every house, not just in that community but the entire town. It can also match 1,000’s of data points in seconds to cross reference millions of properties. Like answering questions of when was it built? What is the floor plan? What are the taxes, when was it last sold and for what? And the list goes on.

AI assistants can make real estate agents smarter and more competitive. This is not factoring in the ability for AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistants to speak EVERY language on the planet in real time. How many languages do you speak right now?

How would it help your business if you could speak English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and the list goes on?

Do you think you would get more listing? Get more sales? Engage more leads? 

 Learn how to get engage and get more leads

But how does this impact Real Estate agents?

It means that the Real Estate agents that don’t use, leverage or take advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology will lose their competitive advantage.

A lot of the daily tasks that a Real Estate Agent or Inside Sales Agent completes are related to lead engagement or lead nurturing. These are just some of the tasks that can be automated.

For example:

  • Starting a conversation with new leads
  • Starting conversations with old leads
  • Starting conversations with cold leads
  • Placing Facebook ads
  • Optimizing Facebook ads
  • Scheduling Property viewings
  • Completing documents
  • Sending, organizing or chasing up documentation
  • Setting up marketing campaigns
  • Sending Birthday Cards, Thank you cards, referral cards to leads and clients.
  • Posting on social media
  • Replying to emails
  • Replying to messages and conversations.

When I say starting conversations, I mean either texting, calling, sending emails, replying to emails, posting on social media, sending letters, faxes, post cards, and leaving voicemails.

What’s exciting is that helloAlex can help Real Estate agents leverage AI into their business right now. Even when they are on a budget.

The challenge for a lot of real estate agents is that they don’t have a huge budget to implement AI or automated marketing campaigns into their business.

Designing automation and configuring automated marketing campaigns can take 1,000’s of hours and cost 10,000’s of dollars. All to gain the competitive advantage.

What happens when the tools to train an Artificial Intelligence chatbot don’t exist?

However, helloAlex is already configured and can be working for you within 15 minutes! Starting at $299/month.

HelloAlex expands to meet the needs of the Real Estate Agent and even scales with their team.

HelloAlex brings the best of automation, marketing, and human intelligence to Real Estate.

What’s exciting about using AI in your business is that an AI never forgets about your leads.

An Ai (Artificial Intelligence) doesn’t get overwhelmed with tasks and can hold multiple or 1’000’s of conversations at one time. Just like helloAlex with our system scaling to meet your needs at that moment. We have 1,500 HelloAlex telephone agents standing by to answer your phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every Real Estate has the experience of their phone ringing non-stop while receiving text messages, emails, and social media messages. This is where helloAlex really helps agents by starting personalized conversations with each of these leads.

helloAlex can answer any inbound phone call from leads along with placing outbound calls to engage leads 24 hours a day.

One of the biggest challenges Agents have is handling the influx of calls that come with a new marketing promotion. This is where helloAlex shines.

helloAlex can qualify and engage each lead within 3 rings of the telephone. And it didn’t require you to higher more inside sales agents, receptionists or unlicensed assistants.

What’s exciting is that with helloAlex you only pay for the minutes used. This means if you have 50 calls in 1 hour and no calls for the rest of the day. You are not paying for someone to sit around and wait for calls. As you would be if you had an assistant sitting in your office.

This is the true power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation. Allowing real estate agents to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.

Allowing real estate agents to scale and grow their business without wasting money on employees or infrastructure. This helps real estate agents maximize their ROI.

Automation is something that will destroy your business because you will not be able to remain competitive or it is something that will give you the competitive advantage.

Helping you stand out from the competition and meets the needs of your customers. Allowing you to provide a better customer experience in new and exciting ways.

The Right Way to use a ChatBot in your Business

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