What does helloAlex do?

helloAlex helps your convert your leads into deals. We do this by understanding more about your leads, qualifying your leads and then targeting them with high-value marketing information that makes them want to work with you.

Our system automates starting conversations, engaging your leads to qualify them. Along with automating your retargeting and Facebook marketing campaigns. We also automate tasks like sending postcards, sending personalized voicemail drops and many other lead nurturing campaigns.

helloAlex Chatbot AI automatically starts conversations with Real Estate Leads

helloAlex Chatbot AI automatically starts conversations with Real Estate Leads

We do this on autopilot based on what your lead is interested in. Does this sound like it will help you grow your business?

It still requires you to purchase leads as you do now. helloAlex is the system that automatically engages these leads to qualify them and help you convert them into a commission.

Is helloAlex a Chatbot?

Yes and no. helloAlex has a chatbot foundation that allows us to work on multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text Message. But we also allow for live human engagement.

Real Estate Chatbot AI Instantly Start Conversations

Real Estate Chatbot AI Instantly Start Conversations

helloAlex works on more than just Facebook or Text Message. It works on all channels and sync’s all conversations together across any channel.

For example when your users ask a question the chatbot does not know how to answer this can flag the attention of a human to respond. When the human responds this trains the chatbot how to respond in future.

We do more than a chatbot and think we are closer to an Assistant than just chatbot. Yes, we can automate conversations 24.7 but we can do so much more than that.

Our Real Estate Chatbot sync’s all the conversations you have with your leads into one consistent conversation stream. So this means when you start a conversations on Facebook we know who the lead is. Then when the leads emails you, we add that conversations and data to our system as well.

This allows you to track conversations you have with your leads across multiple channels.

Is helloAlex a human?

Yes, we are. We are human powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which means we never sleep. We never take days off, and we are persistent.

When Humans take a break, or stop our AI keeps working. However, we have humans on standby 24/7 to offer personalized support via chat or telephone.

We have humans who can answer the telephone within 3 rings 24/7. We have humans that can call your leads on your behalf. So yes we are human. We like to think we are human+Ai like a new robot human.

You have access to the entire helloAlex team 24/7.

Is helloAlex an AI?

Yes, helloAlex has a custom built their own proprietary Artificial Intelligence that leverages the most advanced Natural Language Processing and Pattern Recognition systems on the platform.


helloAlex created their own tools to train an AI that is focused on the Real Estate verticals. This includes but not limited to training the system with over 78,000 city name aliases, 13,000 small talk conversations and over 100 Million street names within the USA. But the helloAlex team has not stopped there they created the only reverse match address lookup from a building name on the planet.

When we say “Small Talk” that is different types of greetings, goodbyes, jokes, statements that users make on a daily basis in normal conversation.

Our goal is to make the conversations you have with Alex feel like you are talking to a real human.

The helloAlex team has a custom built many technologies to ensure the conversational experience our user’s experience is just like talking to a human. This includes even connecting to a live human to answer your questions, schedule appointments or receive the latest information on a property.

The helloAlex AI examines over 3,221 data points with every property within our system. This helps you access the information that is most important to you in real-time.

If you want to know more about what you can ask our AI you can discover that here at http://bit.ly/2xkE6Q8

Does helloAlex have a Robot?

Yes, helloAlex is the first Real Estate AI assistant to integrate with a line of portable robots. These robots are perfect engagement points for anyone who wants to find out more, when a Real Estate Agent is not around.

These devices only need access to Wifi and will allow users to even apply for a mortgage without going anywhere. More more on the exclusive range of helloAlex integrated robots visit out robots page.

Our Robots are a point of engagement for your leads. This also means you can use our Robots in your reception area, malls, events, expos, coffee shops and really anywhere you would have a human. This means there is a point of contact available to engage your leads 24/7.

Our Robot works with a customized version of helloAlex and can be personalized for your needs.

Does helloAlex work on Facebook Messenger?

Yes, helloAlex offers all clients a Facebook Messenger Bot. What is cool about our chatbot is that our platforms sync’s a users conversations across multiple channels. So the conversation you have with them is sync’d to the conversation you have via email, or your website live chat or Text Message.

This helps users without having to repeat themselves over and over again. Yes, you can use which channels to use in your business or you can leverage our system to streamline all conversations into one simple feed automatically.

Remember our system will do more than just with your leads or clients. It will extract the information from their Facebook profile to identify who they are, and what they are interested in.

This helps you personalize your marketing to ensure are better ROI. Our AI can use this data to automatically personalize your Facebook retargeting or send a birthday postcard or greeting for example.

Does helloAlex have humans for live chat?

Yes, we have live humans that speak multiple languages read to speak with you. You can call our humans 24/7 and they will answer the telephone within 3 rings every-time.

Our team can even call your leads outbound to qualify them, reactivate them and nurture them. We can do this while you are busy closing deals.

How are you offering live chat on your website or as part of your marketing campaigns right now?

If you are not offering a live chat on your website you are missing out on the opportunity to generate hundreds of leads based on your website traffic.

How does helloAlex work?

helloAlex works by starting conversations with your leads on multiple platforms all at the same time. helloAlex qualifies your leads but takes it one step further.

helloAlex compiles a social profile on your leads to help you understand who your leads are. A social profile includes over 3,500 data points from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and many other platforms.

What does this mean for you?

It means that helloAlex helps you segment your leads, qualify them, start conversations or re-engage cold leads. helloAlex does this all on autopilot while you focus on converting conversations into commissions.

helloAlex works with any lead source or software that you use right now.

What language does helloAlex work in?

Right now helloAlex works in English. However, we are expanding soon to Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic. Our goal is that within the next 6 months we will be in close to 80 languages.

What can I ask the helloAlex Chatbot Ai Assistant?

This is a great question. The better question would can’t you ask. You can speak a request or use our chat functions. Alex can answer any question and if Alex can’t answer it instantly we will escalate your question to a REAL human to get your question answered ASAP.

Alex can help you answer almost any question about any properties in the USA. This includes addresses, school zones, estimated taxes and HOA’s, to scheduling an appointment to view the property.

Alex can help show you properties of interest and you can train Alex to find properties that best meet your requirements. We have access to millions of properties in the USA and provide close to real-time information across the country.

If you are a seller you can get property estimates, along with comparable sold reports. Alex automates a lot of the back and forth.

Along with the completing of simple documents to make transactions happen faster.

Can I use helloAlex for multiple agents?

Yes. It is possible to use helloAlex with multiple agents. You can create sub-accounts within helloAlex that gives your agents access to the platform.

This allows you to automatically allocate leads to your agents, or use the existing systems you have setup for your lead allocation. helloAlex can qualify your leads and then send you a lead notification email to any source with the results of our conversation.

What is the price of helloAlex?

Our base plan starts at $299/month. This includes access to the platform and unlimited AI conversations on all available channels.

You can add-on services based on your needs. This means you only pay for what you use and don’t waste money on services that you are not using.

How do the Add-ons work?

Add-ons are the services you can simple add to your helloAlex plan. What makes the Add-ons powerful is that you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

For example if you use the Ringless Voicemail feature you only pay for voicemails that are sent. You don’t have to pay for voicemails that are not sent, or not used. Yes, you can load many different voicemail messages to use in different campaigns. Like birthdays, recent sales, auction updates.

Another example is Postcards. For example if you want to send a postcard to people on their birthday. Alex can automate this process for you and send postcards 3-5 days before a person’s birthday. If you don’t know their birthday we can extract that information for you automatically. But you only pay for the postcards that are sent. We include printing and postage in our flat price per card. That’s right we handle it all for you!

Or if you want to add Live Agent Answer. This means one of our helloAlex Humans can answer your telephone within 3 rings 24/7. We can also call your leads on your behalf within 2 minutes of receiving the lead. You only pay for the minute blocks we use. Rather than paying someone per hour to be on standby waiting to answer the telephone. Plus we can answer up-to 5,000 calls per minute 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means if you get busy we can handle it, without you worrying about having to hire more people!

We also have add-ons like Facebook Advertising, List Rental and Cleaning, Direct Mail Services, Agent Recruitment Campaigns, and much more.

Can I customize helloAlex?

Yes, you can customize many elements of helloAlex from the chat conversations to the how Alex answers questions. The telephone scripts our Live Agents use and much more.

Can I change the name of Alex?

Yes, you can change the name of your assistant. This is an additional monthly fee and is an Add-on.

Do you place outbound phone calls?

Yes our helloAlex Live Agents can call your leads. You can use one of our scripts or you can upload your own telephone scripts and our team will use that.

You will see a call transcript and recording loaded into the call. Plus you will see notes from the Live Agent loaded directly into this lead. This keeps you updated into real time as the what’s happening.

If the lead is qualified or engaged we can live transfer to you if that’s what you want.

How many leads would you like us to call?

How long does it take to setup helloAlex?

helloAlex is already setup to work out of the box. All you need to do is forward your lead notifications to our system, connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts in less than 30 seconds.

It can take in total 15 minutes to personalize your helloAlex account. Then helloAlex operates in the background on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I get a demo of helloAlex?

Yes of course! We love to demo helloAlex and get your feedback to make sure it’s the right solution for your business.

Our demo page has videos, and a real example of how you can see the system working for you. This allows you to access the demo anytime of the day. Or you can schedule a time for a live demo with our team using this link http://bit.ly/2xbhimB

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