So you are probably asking yourself what in the world is “Lead Guilt” and why do I need to eliminate it? Well that is a great question and here is your answer 🙂

Lead guilt is the feeling you have when you know you should be picking up the phone and calling your new leads but you just can’t seem to find the time to make this happen.

It’s a constant struggle with never having enough time. Each moment that passes your phone continues to get heavier and heavier until finally… you can’t even pick it up. It’s like a rope is tied around your wrist and you can’t get the phone to your ear.


Lead guilt is that little voice inside your head screaming “You need to call that new lead”…”For the love please return Susan’s phone call”.. “Don’t send John to voicemail again” But no matter what you do the leads and calls just keep stacking up. The insurmountable number of phone calls, texts, and emails (oh my) never seem like they ever go down, no matter how hard you try.

Lead guilt is that sense of inadequacy you feel by not being able to provide the level of service you desire for your clients.

Lead guilt is that gut wrenching, sick to your stomach, smash your phone into pieces frustration when you  find out  the new lead you finally got around to calling has listed with your competition instead.

Yes, lead guilt is very real and every single real estate agent knows exactly what I am talking about and how it feels to never have enough time.

So what do you do about it?  Well, I have seen people try all sorts of things like get another cell phone. Yeah because that’s brilliant. I can’t handle the calls coming in on one phone, so I will get a second special phone for all my really important calls. Guess what, it doesn’t work…

Ok, well how about an answering service? Ok how about no. Think back to your last buying experience or customer service experience. Were you just thrilled that someone picked up the phone to tell you “Sorry so and so is busy right now just leave your message with me and I will have them call you back” Nope, you hated it. Guess what so do your clients. Our clients reach out to us when they want to speak to us, when they have time and when its on their mind. So, just having a live person essentially tell you the same thing your voicemail does, doesn’t make it any better.

We live in a microwave or instant gratification society where the average person’s attention span is only 8 seconds. Goldfish, meanwhile, are believed to have an attention span of 9 seconds. People have less patience to wait these days and expect to be able to speak with someone when they want to.

We have also changed as a society in the way we like to communicate. Between smartphones,  text, email, messenger, skype, live chat etc. we have options now and people love options. Not everyone prefers a phone call anymore. By limiting your ability to only be available certain ways or only in ways that only you like, you are limiting your ability to engage or connect with your clients.

So now that you know what “Lead Guilt” is, the million dollar question is how in the %@*# do you eliminate it?

Well the only way to truly eliminate lead guilt is by knowing you can communicate with your leads and clients in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and via the platform they choose to communicate with.

Sounds simple right? I can see you trying to do the math in your head. ‘How many people will I need to hire to cover all of the platforms out there and be available to speak to my clients in real time 24/7?” Here I will do the math for you… it = A LOT!

Imagine if there was a better way…..

Imagine you could start conversations with leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on autopilot, that positions you as the real estate agent for them to work with.

Imagine if you could instantly qualify every single lead, so you knew exactly who they are and how to best to get them to respond to you!

Imagine if there was a way to automatically optimize your marketing campaigns to ensure you are not wasting money!

Imagine if it was possible to engage and reactivate your cold leads without you having to make a single call, send a single email, or worry about creating a complicated marketing campaign!

Imagine if you didn’t have to waste time cold calling your list but knew that you had an assistant who was making those calls for you every single day.

Imagine if there was finally something to eliminate “Lead Guilt” once and for all.

Well, There is!! It’s called HelloAlex, your Automated Income Assistant.

HelloAlex is not just another chatbot. Or just another software solution. We’re the best Automated Real Estate Assistant out there. Because we know that when it comes to responding to leads, time matters. And that you don’t have enough of it. We know that “good enough” isn’t good enough. And that responding 2nd is too late. So we’re going to fix that.


With a 100% response rate to all leads (within 2 minutes or less, by the way). And an automated system for managing leads and nurturing customers. We will help you engage with clients in real time so you can make deeper connections, close more deals and earn bigger commissions.

Say goodbye to lead guilt and the past way of doing things. Say HelloAlex. 

Schedule your Demo now to find out how Alex can help you Eliminate lead guilt and engage with your clients like never before Schedule here –> DEMO <–

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