Welcome to August 9 Update for what’s going on with HelloAlex Platform. I am Ben, CEO of HelloAlex. I am super excited to be here because I am going to give you a quick rundown of what’s going on.

First of all, for all the HelloAlex clients, I want you to be fully aware that you have a Concierge and they are your marketing assistant. We are not expecting you to learn HelloAlex. HelloAlex is rapidly updating every single day with new features, new options, new marketing templates, new resources, new tools. It is growing so fast. So I really want you to reach to your Concierge to get them do the staff for you – by import leads, they’ll import properties, they will activate marketing campaigns, they’ll send birthday card campaigns, they’ll send a text message broadcast for you. They would do all that kind of stuff. They will set up your account so you don’t have to worry about it. So just remember, you have a Concierge. You can engage with them via email at concierges@helloalex.io.

Just a side not of that, if you are using a live chat once you logged in to HelloAlex, please remember that it is not yet fully configured for support. So if you want to use support, please email your concierge or send us a support ticket with our team at alex@helloalex.io.

If you have any awesome ideas on what you want to do in your websites or features you love to have in your marketing campaigns or special things you want, sending rum powers your developers and empowers them to do more stuff. So you can send rum, cookies, or chocolate brownies.

I want to give you a quick update on our live chat conversation because we have some people and feedback or things on our live chat team who build out our conversations and who are rapidly scaling out those conversations over the next few days. You’re gonna see massive improvements on the type of conversations we could have and how we could have them and how we can respond to.

And remember, you have a team who is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in every conversations that happens in the platform is used to train and improve the platform. It gets better and we have gotten so much better that we were 3 months ago or 6 months ago. That means  we are improving everyday. I have to admit we do make mistakes and we do mess things up but what we do is learn from that lesson and we appreciate your support. We appreciate you calling us out on what mistakes we are making so we can do better and we can be better. We wanna make sure that we provide you the most cutting edge conversational tool to grow and experience your marketing and that’s what we believe we are doing so the conversational UI is greatly improving.

We’re using conversational feedback from across the country. We did have an acquisition few months back that allows us to acquire more data to improve our system so we’re able to acquire every 2 years worth of chat data that we’re able to pull in to our system and optimize the system.

You guys will be seeing a lot more users coming in to the system over the next few weeks. We have integrated to few more platforms. So if you know anyone who us Elevate or AgentJet, those are just 2 of the system that we have integrated this week and we have successfully integrated with as well as many other improvements.

One of the  most requested feature we’ve had was for our affiliate or referral system and it is now live. Inside your HelloAlex account, you’ll see an affiliate. Everyone who has an account is an affiliate. It allows you to refer people to HelloAlex and you get marketing credits. Which means you can offset the cost of your marketing and it happens automatically. So if you want some ideas about how you can do that to get free marketing credits from us, just reach out to your concierge. This is our way of saying Thank You for sharing HelloAlex.

Just reach out to your Concierge and they can help you activate some campaign that even setup a special domain name for you that you can use to share and when you share that in your Facebook post or share it on twitter or social media or anything like that, we can instantly track that for you and you’ll get free credits when that person sign up to HelloAlex. So that’ really exciting on what’s going on right now. So please remember  that you have a concierge team, we are here, we’re constantly here fighting to help you convert and have more conversations with your leads and remember we want to help you say Hello to as many people as possible to keep you top of mine.

So if you forgot anything, just remember this, HA runs on rum, preferably Siesta Key rum, so we know how much you like this because you send good Siesta Key rum. But yet, you can send other rum, it’s just that we prefer those people who prefer Siesta Key. So if you wanna send cookies or Brownies, please we run on cookies  and brownies. So if you have any idea or feature request, please reach out to our team because we are your superheroes to help you make that happen.

We wanna do it and make it all happen for you super simple and and you have the best possible tool that’s only getting better every single day.

This is Ben and I look forward to seeing you in the next week’s video. Next week, I’m off to San Francisco because we have some massive deals and week after we’ll be in Atlanta and if you’re gonna be in the “Best Conference Ever”, you’ll be getting some drinks if you come see us. Come over and have a drink with us and come party with us at the “Best Conference Ever” that’s in Atlanta. And I’m sure whoever is sending this email at you will put that information down below.

If you’re in San Francisco next week, Wednesday or Thursday, by all means please come and say Hello and I’ll be happy to catch up with you.

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