Check out this video below to know what’s new in HelloAlex for our September 20 Weekly Update:


  • Battle of the Bots + Making the AI Smarter – our goal is to improve the brains of our chatbot and we’ve successfully reduced the unhandled chats by the bot to 57% and you get more leads qualified faster.
  • Client Matchin in Facebook – no need to upgrade your Facebook Client Matching to $99. We have set up a proprietary process and we will do all the client matching on your behalf and make those¬†introductions to get conversations started.
  • Multiple Facebook Page Connect – Coming soon! You can connect to multiple Facebook page with your HelloAlex account.
  • Affiliate System – is now Live and allows you to track referrals and all those credit benefits.¬† Sharing HelloAlex will reward you with free credits and more. Stay tuned for a lot of big promotions happening in HA for the next 30 days for new client onboarding.
  • Campaign Triggers – usage of tags, control in stopping and running it again. In the future, there will be complete automation on multiple levels.
  • Human in the Loop – there’s an alert with a red dot in the chat center which means the conversations needs human attention. You can also see other color indicators in the chat, you may check here to see the article on what’s it all about.
  • More Chatbot Updates – watch the video above to see new features in your chatbot.


These are just some of the updates don in our system and there are a lot more coming, soon!

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