That’s right speed to lead mentality is costing you sales.

Let me get something clear. Following up with your leads in a timely manner is extremely important. However, only beneficial if you make a connection to your leads.

This quote “Speed to Lead” is shouted from every marketing guru wannabe. However, they are missing the full point. It should be “Speed to Dominate MindShare in you Lead.”

Taking the position to dominate the mindshare in your leads mind. It an entirely different attitude to just bombarding your lead with sales calls within the first 5 minutes, then pestering them for three days then giving up.

To dominate a leads mind, you need to find out what’s most important to that lead and make a connection. Then continue to claim control over that position. This means defending your position.

Yes, if you connect with your leads within the first 2–5 minutes of an inquiry, you CAN win more business. However if you don’t connect you are dead in the water. If you didn’t take control of their mindshare they are asking you to take power over you just lost that lead.

So what is the point of buying leads if you are not adequately taking control of their mindshare?

How can you connect with leads in under 5 minutes?

  • Chatbots to respond to leads
  • Website chat
  • Messages from leads to Text Messages
  • Setup a Response Assistant
  • Automate Next Steps for sales process.

A simple trick to engage leads is to have your normal calls within less than 5 minutes. But trigger a letter or postcard or something that shows up in the mail 3–5 days later after your conversation. This will remind the lead of your conversation along with establishing authority over your leads mindshare.

However, let me speak more to this Speed to Lead school. You are making a big mistake because it’s not just speed to lead. It is speed to engage.

The goal of your marketing should be to engage qualified and interested people. Along with creating authority & expert positioning with your lead. If you can control the thoughts in the mind of your leads and clients, they will give you business.

What is the number one way to create Authority and Expert Positioning?

Continue to show up and engage your leads over an extended period of time. That’s right show up over and over again. If you continue to be seen by your lead, engage your lead in conversations. At some point that lead it going to contact you.

You need to think about Speed to Lead as “Speed to Dominate Mind Share”

MindShare is holding you in the number 1 position in your leads mind. Remember that only 3% of people are ready willing and able to work with you. Even if you spoke with the lead. They may not be ready to act.

This means you need to continue to engage your leads in conversation and not relinquish your dominance of mindshare to your competitors.

What most people do is get a lead, make a connection and get them all excited. Then because that lead has not signed a contract within 3 days they move on to the next new leads.

What your competitors do is steal the mindshare of dominance with this lead. They step in and continue the conversation and close the deal, based on the buyers timeline not yours.

Don’t give up mindshare when you have it. MindShare is an asset to any business.

How do you keep mindshare?

  1. Retargeting people with your advertising on Google, Facebook and Bing.
  2. Physical Newsletters — Don’t go cheap stamps win business.
  3. Postcards
  4. Letters — That’s right things with a stamp.
  5. Emails that are relevant, not useless crap.

Always think about how you can benefit the lead. How can you give the lead a small win so they want to do more work with you. So they want to give you more time and money.

You do this and you will own the mindshare in your leads mind for your product and service. This makes it extremely difficult for your competitors to own the market, if you own the mind.

You may not agree with Donald Tump but he knows how to dominate the mindshare of an audience. I challenge you to think about how you can start to dominate the mind of your leads.

Please comment below and share your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

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