To be honest, the name just kind of came to us after we set out on a course to develop an engagement and nurturing platform. At our core we are human behavior and engagement specialists and knew we wanted to create something amazing for people to transform their businesses.

So as we were sitting around brainstorming how we were going to accomplish this feat, out of nowhere a voice said. “We just want to help people say Hello.”

We thought hmm, that’s interesting, people really don’t say Hello anymore…. We should change that.

Turns out Hello could not have been a more perfect word because at its origin the word Hello actually means “A shout to attract attention.” Simply put that is exactly what we do. We help you say Hello.

So it was settled, we knew we wanted to help people say Hello, but how?? So we continued brainstorming and mapping out what it should look like, and BOOM, we had it.

Everyone needs an assistant!

But not just any assistant one that is caring, supportive and encouraging to help you achieve your goals faster. One that is fun, friendly and cares about your clients; from wishing them happy birthday to always remembering their special occasions. An assistant who is always there to help you and one you cannot imagine your life without.

We tried to think of all the best qualities an assistant should have and what would they look like, sound like and work like. We concluded that a great assistant could be almost anyone. It was more what qualities they possess which is important. So, what would you call an assistant that had all these qualities??

We settled on Alex…. and our Automated Income Assistant was born.

The name Alex by nature is androgynous. It can be both masculine and feminine. Some of the greatest men and women in history had the name Alex. Its meaning is “defender.” So we knew Alex would be an agents best friend always looking out for them.

So you see the name HelloAlex just came to us as we set out on our goal of creating this epic assistant. The assistant that could help you attract attention and engage your clients like never before.

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