Our team is rapidly growing and randomly optimizing the system. We just wanna let you know that from last week’s update, we have promised that there will be a lot of new features that’s going to be up in the HelloAlex system this week.

Since there are a lot of campaigns firing up since last week, we have received a lot of feedback from different leads. We can’t control their reactions and there are people who are thankful, but of course you would also receive messages who doesn’t want to receive them, right? With that, we have added this cool new feature which stops the system from sending out message to specific leads who wants to be removed from the list or doesn’t want to receive any messages. When the leads send out hint words like “stop”, “stop texting me”, etc, the chat bot will then automatically stop sending. Moreover, Live Agents can also add the lead to the stop list. You won’t get stressed out about what happened and you will have a copy of the names of the leads in your Stop List.

We receive a lot of messages from our leads from different time zones. Because of that, you won’t get to worry when is the right time to send them messages anymore! “Leads” tab in your “Lead Center” have a lot of new features and one of this is adding a Time Zone column for your leads.

To keep you updated, we have added a new topic in your Help & Support Wiki, “Platform Updates”. Check more information on the new features from the articles added here.

There are a lot more new features coming up and we promised to keep you updated. Reach out to your Concierge if you have any clarifications or questions in this new feature by sending them an email at concierges@helloalex.io or set up a call appointment with them through this link here.

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