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Say goodbye to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed and Say HelloAlex

HelloAlex helps you go from Awesome Agent to Superhero by helping you eliminate lead guilt and allowing you to finally win the fight of never having enough time

Our Automated Income  Assistant helps you create  more opportunities to:




Speed to lead doesn’t matter unless you




Engage your clients leads in REAL TIME whenever and wherever they choose, so you can




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HelloAlex helped transform these Awesome Agents into


Emerick Peace
Keller Williams

“Providing for a team of agents can be stressful enough, and one of my biggest frustrations was getting my agents to call and follow up with the leads I was buying for them. As you know leads are NOT cheap. They just never seem to get to them fast enough or treat them the way you need to treat a new lead. Don’t get me wrong, I work with Rockstar agents but it just seemed like we were losing out on way too many opportunities. It felt like I was just flushing money down the drain. Then I was able to implement HelloAlex for my agents. They saw results quickly from the leads being contacted immediately, practically in real time. This also lead to more showings, meetings, listings, and ultimately commissions. HelloAlex has actually allowed me to spend LESS money on leads! Which has lead to an even greater bottom line than I ever thought possible. I am happier and my agents are happier so Thank you HelloAlex!”

Become A Superhero Real Estate Professional

in 3 Simple Steps:

What type of marketing does HelloAlex do for you on autopilot?

Your HelloAlex Assistant will complete hundreds of marketing campaigns on autopilot.

Here Is an example of 3 campaigns that will help you close more deals and save you hours of time!

New Buyer Lead Campaign

Birthday Campaign

Load Referral/ Cold Lead Campaign

What systems integrate with HelloAlex?

Imagine knowing your new leads will never get lost or be forgotten

HelloAlex automatically solves your lead verification and partial lead data challenges

Become the Real Estate Agent You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Say Goodbye to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed and Say HelloAlex:

Your Automated Income Assistant

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